Twin Peaks Season 3 Finale – Episode 17 & 18 Review–What’s Going On?

“The past dictates the future.”

“What is your name?”

The final two episode of Twin Peaks return aired back to back. It was an intense two hours. The series has definitely been speeding towards a huge confrontation. There’s a lot that happens in Part 17. We do get a lot of answers. With Part 18, there’s a new set of different questions. There’s a lot to take in and digest with these two parts and the series as a whole.

There will be spoilers for Twin Peaks Season 3, Episode 17 and 18.

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Part 17

Gordon’s Confession

David Lynch in a still from Twin Peaks. Photo: Suzanne Tenner/SHOWTIME

Gordon is thinking about how he couldn’t bring himself to shoot [the fake] Diane. He confesses to Albert he kept something from him for 25 years. Before Major Briggs disappeared, he told Gordon and Cooper about his discovery of an entity. It was an extreme negative force. In the ancient times it was called “Jowday.” Over time, it became “Judy.” The three put together a plan to get to Judy. Gordon mentions Phillip Jefferies, who doesn’t exist in a normal sense anymore, was onto the entity. Cooper told Gordon if he disappeared like the others, to do everything he could to find him. Ray Monroe, a paid informant, told them the Cooper they met in the prison was looking for coordinates from a “Major Briggs.”

Gordon apologizes for not telling Albert. He’s not sure if the plan is unfolding properly. Then the Vegas FBI call Gordon from Cooper’s hospital room. Bushnell Mullins comes in and delivers Cooper’s message saying he’s headed to the sheriff station in Twin Peaks.

Mr. C. Arrives In Twin Peaks

Kyle MacLachlan in a still from Twin Peaks. Photo: Suzanne Tenner/SHOWTIME

Mr. C. heads to the place where Naido was found in the forest. The portal in the sky starts to swirl and he disappears. He’s in the black and white room with a stage. Major Briggs’ head is there and Mr. C’s face in a cage. The Giant/Fireman looks at screens that show the forest and Sarah Palmer’s house. Mr. C’s cage is taken and he ends up outside the sheriff’s station. Andy sees him and thinks it’s Agent Cooper. Mr. C. goes along with it as Andy takes him inside.

Naido wakes up suddenly. and starts whining while Chad makes his escape with a key to his cell, hidden in his boot. Chad opens up his jail cell and goes into his locker to get a gun. The drunk guy starts peeling off his bandages and digging into his face. Andy comes in, looking for Hawk, and Chad pulls the gun on him. Freddie punches the cell door open with his green gloved hand, knocking out Chad.

 Time For A Showdown


Mr. C. is taken to Frank’s office. Frank asks what brings him to Twin Peaks. Mr. C. says “Unfinished business.” Frank gets a call– from Agent Cooper. Frank reaches for his gun, but Evil Coop is faster. Lucy shoots Mr. C. in the back. Still on the phone, Cooper tells Frank not to touch the body.

James, Freddie, and Naido are brought upstairs as Hawk comes running in. The room goes dark and the woodsmen start working on reviving Mr. C. Agent Cooper arrives and sees the woodsmen working. A black circular ball with BOB’s face/essence exits Mr. C’s body. It lunges at Cooper. Then BOB attacks Freddie. He manages to punch it with his gloved hand. He punches it a few more times with the last punch sending it through the floor, and fire shoots out. The BOB/orb comes out again and attacks Freddie once more. Freddie punches it one last time and it shatters. The pieces float up and pass through the ceiling. Is this the end of BOB?


Cooper walks over to Mr. C. and puts the Lodge ring on his finger. Mr. C. fades away, and the ring appears in the Lodge. Cooper asks Frank if he has the room key to the Great Northern. Major Briggs told Cooper Truman would have it. Cooper then stares at Naido. More people arrive as Bobby walks in. Cooper tells him his father knew what was going on this day. Gordon, Albert, and Tammy get there as well.

Cooper says, “Some things will change. The past dictates the future.” Naido goes up to Cooper and they touch hands. Her face starts to smoke, and Diane takes Naido’s place, with red hair now. They kiss and Cooper asks her if she remembers everything. The clock is stuck ticking at 2:53. A distorted voice says, “We live inside a dream.”

Cooper tells everyone, “I hope I see you all again, every one of you.” The room goes dark again. Cooper, Diane, and Gordon are walking in the boiler room at the Great Northern, where James was looking around before. The key opens the locked door, and Cooper tells them not to follow him through. “See you at the curtain call.”


Cooper is in a dark room, and Phillip Gerard recites the “Fire walk with me” chant. They walk to where the Phillip Jeffries tea kettle thing is. Cooper gives him the date, February 23, 1989. Jeffries says it’s good to see him again. “Say hello to Gordon if you see him. He’ll remember the unofficial version. This is where you’ll find Judy.” He sets up a place for Cooper to go to.

The Past Revisited

Kyle MacLachlan in a still from Twin Peaks. Photo: Suzanne Tenner/SHOWTIME

From Fire Walk With Me, Laura runs out to James as Leland watches from the window. Cooper appears in the woods and sees the two in the woods before Laura says her final goodbye to James. They ride a little and Laura jumps off the bike to meet Leo, Jacques, and Ronette. She starts walking and sees Cooper standing in the woods. She asks who he is. “Do I know you? Wait. I’ve seen you in my dream.”

Cooper reaches his hand out to her. Scene changes to Laura Palmer’s body, wrapped in plastic, washed ashore. It flickers out of existence. Laura asks Cooper where they’re going. “We’re going home.”

Josie Packard is looking in the mirror, humming to herself. Pete Martell heads out. Not finding Laura’s body, Pete is able to go fishing. At the Palmer house, there’s a moaning in the distance. It’s Sarah crying. In the living room, she grabs Laura’s picture and stabs it  with a bottle over and over.

Back in the woods, Cooper and Laura walk the coordinates with the portal. Even though they were holding hands, Laura is suddenly gone. She can be heard screaming. The woods turn into the stage at the Roadhouse. Julee Cruise is singing “The Voice of Love”

Other Things We Learned

Ben Horne gets a call from Wyoming. They have a guy with no ID who says he’s his brother. He also said his binoculars killed somebody. Ben is going to make arrangements to have someone pick him up. They ask him to send clothes as well because he was also naked when they picked him up.

Part 18

Loose Ends And Crossing Over

Kyle MacLachlan in a still from Twin Peaks. Photo: Suzanne Tenner/SHOWTIME

Mr. C. is in the red room, on fire in the chair. Phillip Gerard takes Cooper’s lock of hair and the seed and makes a new Agent Cooper. Dougie’s house, the doorbell rings. Janey-E answers, and the new Cooper appears there. He says he’s home.

Laura and Cooper are walking through the woods again. Laura disappears and screams. Just like in Part 1, Phillip Gerard asks, “Is it future…or is it past,” and disappears. Across the room, Gerard motions to Cooper to follow him. They see the Arm in its evolved state as a tree (again). “Is it the story of the little girl who lived down the lane?” Laura whispers in Cooper’s ear, screams, and flies up. He sees Leland who tells him to find Laura. Cooper exits by the ring of Sycamore trees and sees Diane there.

Laura Dern in a still from Twin Peaks. Photo: Suzanne Tenner/SHOWTIME

Cooper and Diane drive exactly 430 miles. Cooper gets out and walks up a little. He comes back and tells her this is the place. They kiss, and Cooper says once they cross, it can all be different. They continue to drive and arrive at a motel. Cooper goes inside to get a room while Diane stays in the car. She sees herself outside by a pillar. They go inside the room, they start kissing passionately. As they make love, it soon becomes an almost uncomfortable situation.

Cooper wakes up in the morning, and there’s no sign of Diane. She left a note. It’s to Richard from Linda. She says she’ll be gone by the time he reads the note. As Cooper leaves the room, it turns out to be a different hotel, and he gets into a different car.

Time To Get Out Of Dodge

Kyle MacLachlan in a still from Twin Peaks. Photo: Suzanne Tenner/SHOWTIME

Driving through Odessa, Cooper sees a diner named Judy’s. He asks if there’s another waitress that works there and it turns out it’s her day off. Some guys start grabbing at the waitress and Cooper tells them to leave her alone. The guy walks up and pulls a gun on Cooper. He grabs it and kicks him, shoots the second guy in the foot, and makes the third put his gun on the ground. He asks the waitress to write the address of the other waitress on a piece of paper and drops their guns in the fryer. He takes the address and leaves.

At the waitress’ house, it doesn’t look like anyone’s home. He sees a lamp post with “6” on it. Knocking on door, Laura answers. She says she’s not Laura Palmer. Her name is Carrie Page. He mentions her parents’ name. Hearing her mother’s name, she’s confused now. He wants to take her to her mother’s home. She needs to leave town so agrees to go. There’s a dead guy on the sofa, shot in the head (and a white horse figurine on the mantle).


They mostly drive in silence except Laura/Carrie says, “In those days, I was too young to know any better.” Arriving in Twin Peaks, they drive by Double R Diner, and Cooper asks if she recognizes anything. She doesn’t. They arrive at the Palmer house. She doesn’t recognize it. He takes her hand, and they walk up to the house.


At the front door, someone else answers. Cooper asks for Sarah Palmer but there’s no one living there by that name. They bought the house from a “Mrs. Chalfont.” The lady’s name is Alice Tremond. They walk away, and Cooper looks back at the house slightly confused. He asks what year it is.

A voice is heard calling, “Laura.” Carrie screams. The house flickers. Fade to black.

What Happened?!?


We finally know who, or what, Judy is.

It seems the entire mission was for Cooper to save Laura. BOB has been defeated, and Cooper was able to go back in time to prevent Laura from getting killed. There’s still quite a bit we don’t know and is left unexplained.

If Laura was never killed, obviously this creates a paradox. Cooper would have never gone to Twin Peaks and the following events would never have occurred. If this is the case, who is Carrie Page? Since Laura disappeared when she was with Cooper in the woods and was heard screaming, it’s possible something could have happened to her. Perhaps somehow she got amnesia and ended up in Odessa. This doesn’t seem too likely.

A key could be the mention of living inside a dream. Gordon’s dream with Monica Bellucci. “We’re like the dreamer who dreams and then lives inside the dream. But who is the dreamer?” Was an alternate reality created by Cooper traveling back in time or was everything simply a dream? Gerard asked if it was past or present and Cooper was wasn’t sure what year it was.

Of course there’s something to be said by the people living at the Palmer house. Mrs. Tremond and her grandson lived next to Laura’s friend Harold. They were also known as Chalfont and lived at the original Fat Trout trailer park. Alice Tremond answered the door when Cooper and Carrie knocked, but how come we never saw her husband? There must be a reason he wasn’t shown or heard. Could he be the grandson now grown up? They likely aren’t in the past before the Palmers lived there since Cooper’s car wasn’t too old.

Maybe all this is Audrey’s dream. Before she and Charlie left her house, she mentioned not feeling like herself or perhaps she was someone else. The end of Part 16 showed her seemingly waking up from a dream, not knowing where she was. I was under the impression Mr. C. possibly created another Audrey for some reason, as he did with Diane.

The series is over. There’s no word whether we’ll get a Season 4. Mark Frost has another Twin Peaks book coming this Fall that will fill in some of the gaps from the 25 years. We may not get an official explanation or answers from the end any time soon. That just means we’ll have to sit around and try to come up with different theories what all this means.

I’m left with a strange feeling now that it’s over, possibly completely over. I’ll definitely be watching it all again. As Showtime aired a marathon leading up to the finale, I re-watched some of the episodes. Watching again, you can pick up on little things. For example, Cooper mentioned Richard and Linda in the first episode, along with killing two birds with one stone–things mentioned in Parts 17 and 18.

Until we get some concrete answers, remember, we live inside a dream.

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