5 Big Developments From Secret Empire Omega

Secret Empire is over, and everything is relatively back to normal. In the aftermath of the events of Evil Cap unleashing HYDRA’s rule over the country, there are some repercussions that will continue to be felt.

The final issue of the miniseries delivered a strong conclusion while leaving some consequences set up to be explored. In the Omega issue, more information is revealed which will further affect the future of the Marvel Universe.

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Here are five big developments from the issue that will have a big impact on upcoming comics. Note: There will be some spoilers for Secret Empire: Omega below.

Steve Rogers Visits A Prisoner

1 Caps

Captain America breaks into a black-site prison called Shadow Pillar. The location is miles off American soil and was used to detain the most dangerous and wanted international terrorists. It currently contains one prisoner–Steve Rogers.

It turns out the evil version of Captain America still exists. It was a little unclear what happened to him after his defeat. The good Steve Rogers works his way past several SHIELD guards to talk to the dark version of himself.

The Winter Soldier Is On A Search

2 bw

Before the final battle against Evil Cap, Black Widow was accidentally killed by Evil Rogers. Her funeral was broadcast on television, but Bucky Barnes doesn’t have time to mourn her death. He manages to coerce an informant into revealing who is the target for an upcoming assassination. It turns out to be a military general who allied himself with HYDRA. Bucky arrives just in time to see the general get shot. He notes that everything about the way the hit went down points to Black Widow.

It’s unclear how she could have survived her death or why no one is aware she was not in the coffin that was buried.

The Mutants Continue To Have A Dream

3 wq

When Evil Cap unleashed his plans to rule, he decided to avoid a conflict with mutants by granting them a territory in the west called New Tian. With Cap’s defeat, some of the structures erected were demolished as the region returns to what it was before. The White Queen watched the end of her mutant nation.

Beast mentions that they were able to get a glimpse of how good things could be. Emma seems to be more concerned that she will not be credited for what she was able to accomplish. This could leave her with a desire to seek out that recognition by launching an attack against humans.

The Punisher Is Getting A New Job

4 pun

Frank Castle sided with Evil Cap. He always respected Captain America and believed in his ideas of using the cosmic cube to remake the world into a better place. Seeing the mistake he made after being tricked, the Punisher decides to target HYDRA.

As he unleashes his wrath against a HYDRA outpost, Nick Fury Jr observes the destruction, noting that the Punisher is “ready.” It makes sense SHIELD would try to take advantage of Castle’s anger and skills to fight a common enemy.

How Long Will Evil Cap Remain Locked Up?

5 hh

During the conversation between Cap and Evil Cap, dark Steve Rogers commented he can’t stand trial because he didn’t commit any crimes. He was able to manipulate SHIELD and the government into giving him the control needed to launch his scheme. Cap now has to work to regain the trust everyone had in him.

The conversation is forced to conclude as the alarms go off. Rogers leaves before a platoon of guards arrive to secure the evil prisoner. As he’s pinned against the wall, one soldier whispers, “Hail Hydra,” into his ear. Chances are, this won’t be the last we see of Evil Cap.

Secret Empire Omega is written by Nick Spencer with art by Andrea Sorrentino, Joe Bennett, Joe Pimentel, Scott Hanna, and Rachelle Rosenberg.  It’s on sale now.

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