7 Big Developments From Marvel Legacy #1

Things are changing in the Marvel Universe. With the concept of legacy, some things are returning or reverting back to what they used to be. Many of the Marvel characters have gone through big changes recently. While they are continuing to evolve, they seem to be embracing their true roots and who they used to be at their core.

Marvel has been giving the idea of embracing the characters’ legacies a big push. With the release of Marvel Legacy #1, there’s a lot going on. The characters aren’t simply returning to who they were when they first introduced. Story elements are being revealed as to what is in store for them and how these changes will bring back certain elements while also pushing them forward. Here are some of the big developments but not all of them. You’ll still want to pick up the issue for yourself to see everything.

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There will be some spoilers for Marvel Legacy #1 below.

Earth’s First Mightiest Heroes


Many readers are familiar with the formation of the Avengers, thanks to some trickery courtesy of Loki. It turns out, that wasn’t really the first team of Avengers. One million years ago, during Earth’s Stone Age, several powerful and familiar-looking beings were present on the planet. Odin, the Phoenix Force, along with a Black Panther, Spirit of Vengeance, Starbrand, an Iron Fist, and a Sorcerer Supreme fought a member of the cosmic race known as the Celestials. The Celestial seemed to be digging into the Earth, searching for something. The team of “heroes” seemingly defeated it…until it was awoken in modern times.

Steve Rogers Is On The Road Again


In the aftermath of Secret Empire, where a dark version of Captain America tried ruling the United States in the name of HYDRA, Steve Rogers has returned to his classic guise but isn’t quite sure what his next move should be. We saw him confront his dark half who was locked up in a secret prison. Despite the final battle between the good and evil Captain Americas, the public doesn’t seem quite sold on the idea of who committed the horrific acts. It appears we’ll be seeing Cap venturing out across the country in order to find his true purpose once again.

Iron Man Is Missing


At the end of the second Civil War in the Marvel Universe, Tony Stark ended up in a coma. An artificial intelligence version of him exists in Riri Williams’ armor, but the real Tony has been secured in a Stark facility in New Jersey.

Still working for Star, Mary Jane Watson is called to the facility when it’s discovered that Stark has disappeared. None of the surveillance equipment detected any foul play. No one else entered the room. Tony Stark simply disappeared, and they have no idea where he is.

Deadpool Is Wanted For Murder


Deapool is wanted for murder? How can this be? He’s known as the Merc With a Mouth. Of course he’s killed many people. What makes things different this time is he’s wanted for the murder of SHIELD agent, Phil Coulson.

During evil Cap’s reign, he ordered Wade Wilson to hunt down and deal with Coulson. He may not have completely agreed with Cap’s orders, but due to his extreme respect for Rogers, he confronted Coulson. It sure looked like he put an end to the famous SHIELD agent, but it’s not like death is a permanent thing in comics.

For example:

The Hulk Is Alive Again?


Bruce Banner, the Incredible Hulk, was killed during the second Civil War. He was shot and killed by Clint Barton after Banner asked him to prevent him from turning into the Hulk again. A group of heroes confronted Banner, which seemed to start the transformation, and Barton had no choice but to fulfill the promise he made to his friend.

Hulk was soon revived by the Hand…sort of. He was a mindless zombie wearing samurai armor. The Uncanny Avengers defeated him and severed his mystical link, which allowed Banner to return to the land of the dead.

A transmission from space mentioned detecting his energy signature. It could be that Hulk has managed to get better, and we’ll see a return to Planet Hulk.

Logan Is Back


Loki sent some small Frost Giants to retrieve an item in a SHIELD storage facility. As he made his escape with a crate containing the mysterious item, he gets hit by a beer truck. It almost makes perfect sense Logan would be driving the truck.

Back in 2014, Logan died. You can read the details here. Basically, he died by getting liquid Adamantium cover his body. The metal hardened around him, encasing him in a shiny tomb.

Somehow, Logan managed to escape. Young Jean Grey also went to visit Logan’s “grave” and found Wolverine somehow broke free of his Adamantium encasement. If that wasn’t enough, he also gained possession of the item Loki was interested in–an Infinity Stone.

The Fantastic Four Will Return Soon?


It doesn’t make any sense for Marvel to talk about legacy without mentioning the First Family of comics–the Fantastic Four. After the 2015 Secret Wars, the team disbanded. The Thing joined the Guardians of the Galaxy, the Human Torch started hanging out with Medusa and the Inhumans, and Reed and Sue along with their children, Franklin and Valeria, hung back to recreate the Multiverse.

Johnny and Ben met up and talked about whether or not people would still remember the team. Ben insisted the world still needs them, and he shot up the famous Fantastic Four flare into the sky. At the same time, Valerian and Franklin were shown still mapping out and exploring new universes being created. Valeria seems to have a desire to return home.

An official Fantastic Four title hasn’t been announced yet, but hopefully it’s just a matter of time now. The Thing and Human Torch will appear in the upcoming Marvel Two-In-One #1.

There are other big and crazy things that happened in Marvel Legacy #1. You’ll want to read to find out what’s being hinted at with Black Panther, Robbie Reyes, Norman Osborn, and more. The issue was written by Jason Aaron with art by Esad Ribic and Steve McNiven and additional art by Chris Samnee, Russell Dauterman, Alex Maleev, Ed McGuinness, Stuart Immonen, Jim Cheung, and more. Matthew Wilson provides the amazing color art.

Which development are you most excited about?

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