Inhumans Episodes 1 & 2 Recap And Review

“Behold…The Inhumans!” and “Those Who Would Destroy Us.”

Marvel’s Inhumans is here. If you missed it, you can check out interviews with the cast at San Diego Comic-Con here, and our podcast discussion on the IMAX presentation here.

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The first two episodes introduce us to the royal family of Inhumans along with the city of Attilan, hidden on the moon. With a secret mission to Earth, the Inhumans’ city is about to see some big changes. Here’s the major developments from the first two episodes. Spoilers below.

A Secret Mission Gone Bad


Black Bolt, the Inhumans’ king, sent Triton to Earth on a mission. He manages to track down a Earth-based Inhuman being chased by armed soldiers. He says he’s there to rescue her, but they’re soon overrun by the soldiers. Getting shot, Triton manages to continue running but falls off a cliff into the ocean. Will we see him again?

Maximus Begins His Plan


Maximus delivers the news of Triton’s death while the royal family is eating. He asks Black Bolt why the mission was a secret and demands to know the reason he sent Triton to his death. Through Medusa, he mentions the increase of the new Inhumans changed through the water. They are descendants of their race. Maximus asks if it makes sense to increase the population when they have limited resources and leaves the room. Karnak warns Bolt that Maximus is dangerous. He has the ear of the people.

While Black Bolt is meditation in his chambers, Maximus confronts Medusa. He says he’s there for her and would never treat her the way his brother does. They were best friends growing up, before she married Black Bolt and became Queen. They were the bad kids that snuck away and got into trouble. He asks if she thinks how much better her life would be with him. She makes clear how she feels and pins him against the wall with her hair. Maximus then realizes being pinned against a wall with her hair wrapped around his throat coincides with the vision by an Inhuman that just went through Terrigenesis. This kid has the ability to see the future.

(Almost) Everyone Is Going To Earth


Gorgon goes to Earth to try to find Triton and soon finds soldiers trying to take him out. Karnak is confronted by the royal guard acting under Maximus’ orders. He quickly deals with them. Going to warn Crystal, she has Lockjaw teleport him to where Gorgon is before he can protest. Medusa is confronted by Maximus and the guards. When she’s overpowered, he says he wishes she chose him and shaves her head.

Crystal finds her and has Lockjaw take her to Earth. Maximus goes to Black Bolt’s meditation room with guards. After mentioning how Black Bolt killed their parents with his voice, Bolt is about to speak and Maximus orders the guards to take him. Lockjaw comes in and teleports him away as well. Crystal is arrested before she can flee. Maximus tries getting her to agree to honor him as her king to the people. She obviously refuses.

Karnak falls while climbing down a cliff and seems to have lost his bearings. Gorgon almost drowns calling out to Triton in the ocean and is saved by surfers.

Black Bolt Causes A Scene in Hawaii


Lockjaw dropped Black Bolt in the middle of a road in the heart of the city. He soon realizes he needs to change his royal attire and visits a clothes store. Walking out without paying, he is reported to the police. They begin to surround him when he resists arrest and accidentally uses a tiny bit of his power when he’s hit by a taser. The police take him to the precinct and he allows them to lock him up.

Medusa Is Not Happy


Medusa finds a tour bus headed to the city. When Crystal calls her comlink after Auran “accidentally” dropped on in her room, Medusa realizes it was a set up so they could track her. Auran soon arrives on Earth and the two fight. Medusa seems to be at a disadvantage without the power of her hair. When it appears she’s been defeated, she pulls out a knife she lifted from a passenger on the bus and stabs Auran with it several times.

Auran managed to survive the stabbing and uses her power to heal her wounds. She calls Maximus and asks for back up.

Maximus Talks To The People


Maximus has often given impromptu speeches to the people. When he went through Terrigenesis, he ended up with no powers. This allows him to “relate” to the lower caste of Inhumans. He tells everyone the royal family has left them and fled to Earth. He makes it clear he is there for them, if they accept him as their king. He plans on ending the caste system and they eventually journey to Earth.



The show may not have had the best start, but there is plenty of potential. I’ve already seen some critics quickly attempt to tear the show apart. There’s something intriguing about the idea of the Inhumans having secretly existed on the moon all this time. These Inhumans also aren’t too familiar with Earth’s customs if they’ve lived on the moon their whole lives. The scientist investigating the destruction of the moon rovers was something that was left out of the IMAX presentation.

Hopefully we’ll see some sort of mention or crossover with Agents of SHIELD. It’s likely that won’t happen, at least not with these first initial batch of episodes and since the Agents will be stuck out in space or something when their next season begins in January.

Aside from some cheesy costumes and the occasional odd choice of dialogue, there is something fascinating about the approach of the show. This isn’t your typical superhero-driven series. There’s more of a political angle with Maximus’ attempt to overthrow his brother. I never thought I’d like the character, but Iwan Rheon’s performance is great.

With assorted Inhumans now on Earth, it was a wise choice to land them in Hawaii instead of somewhere like New York City. This location isolates them to an extent. If we’re to believe they exist in the Marvel Universe, they need to be someplace where other heroes wouldn’t be able to quickly show up and investigate. Having Medusa get her head shaved right away should take care of all the complaints when the first trailer dropped.

Fingers crossed the show picks up from here, and we’re allowed to see all main characters and their abilities fully explored and fleshed out.

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