Batman: White Knight #1 Delivers The Story We’ve Been Waiting For

Batman is one of the most well-known and liked superhero characters in comics. His popularity is seen with his appearance in numerous animated and live action movies. Batman’s most notorious (and popular) villain is, without a doubt, the Joker. The two, in many ways, are polar opposites. Yet, it’s sometimes been said it was simply one bad day that separates the hero and villain. Sean Murphy is taking everything we know about Batman and Joker and turning it upside down in Batman: White Knight.


Imagine a Gotham City where Batman’s war against the Clown Prince of Crime finally goes to far. After years of battling the nefarious villains in his rogues gallery, the Dark Knight has now been locked up in Arkham Asylum, and the Joker, whose real name in this story is Jack Napier, has become the hero. If that wasn’t a big enough twist, now Napier needs Batman’s help.

There’s much more than this to the story. As the narrative shifts back to the events leading up to the present, we see many familiar faces depicted in Murphy’s amazing art style. Seeing each character’s look is enough to make you pause. Murphy has a distinct way of adding life and a firm presence to each person drawn. You can also find an incredible amount of detail in the backgrounds. This is a comic you’ll read and then want to go through again to admire all the intricate facets in each panel.

One of the ads DC used for this comic featured Murphy’s art in black and white. While it’s always great to see his art this way, the colors here are brilliantly handled by Matt Hollingsworth. There is plenty of vibrance added and the tone is established with the dark and somber shades used. Color in comics can drastically change the mood or look of the art in a story. Hollingsworth’s colors and Murphy’s art are a perfect match and compliment each other.

There are many new comics on sale each week. You can often find many issues featuring Batman. Whether or not you pick up this series goes without saying. Batman, Joker, Murphy, and Hollingsworth guarantee an incredible series. Murphy has been given a lot of freedom to take DC’s biggest character in a bold and different direction. You’ve likely read countless Batman stories in your comic reading lifetime. You haven’t read a Batman comic like this. It’s a joy to see risks taken and see a different type of story told. This is a must-read series. Do not miss out on Batman: White Knight.

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2 Replies to “Batman: White Knight #1 Delivers The Story We’ve Been Waiting For”

  1. I liked the idea but I felt that it went a bit too far to make the Joker not that terrible of a criminal.

    I can buy that with Alfred dging Batman would be on edge and be extra violent, and I can buy that some mysterious pills could turn the Joker sane, but I have a hard time buying that Batman would hate him that much if all he had done was armed robbery when he has traditionnaly been a mass murderer.

    This could have been a non issue if it waq stated in the story that the crimes of Crazy Joker led him to Arkham (a mental institution) whereas the crimes of Sane Joker are supposed to lead him to Black gate (a regular prison) and they don’t overlap.

    Otherwise I thought this was a good story.

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