The Flash Season 4, Episode 1 “The Flash Reborn” Recap And Review

The Flash is back…or is he? At the end of the third season, Barry Allen managed to defeat his new nemesis and save Iris’ life. There was a price to be paid as they lost one of their allies, and Barry had to enter and stay in the Speed Force in order to keep it stabilized.

With the Flash gone, the remaining heroes of Central City are doing their best to defeat and capture the villains that continually target the city.

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There will be some spoilers for The Flash Season 4, Episode 1: “The Flash Reborn,” below.

Team Kid Flash Or Team Vibe?


Barry’s been gone for six months. Wally, Joe, and Cisco have been hitting the streets to capture the metahuman villains terrorizing the city, with mixed results. Iris has taken on a new role as the commander of the team, monitoring everything at STAR Labs. In order to deal with Barry’s absence, she’s taking a strict stance on continuing the Flash’s fight and making Wally train to become better.

Things are hectic at the CCPD as they are short handed with Barry being on a sabbatical, to explain his disappearance, and Julian has returned to London. Joe is trying to move on with life, and his girlfriend, Cecil, is planning on moving in with him.

A Flying Samurai Demands The Flash Fight Him


As if things weren’t bad enough, a mysterious flying samurai with powerful energy swords arrives. He easily defeats the others and gives them one day to bring the Flash to face him.

Cisco reveals he’s been working on a way to try to bring Barry back. Iris is against the idea, stating they don’t even know if he’s alive, and it’s too risky since someone needs to remain in the Speed Force to keep it from destroying the world.

How About A Nice Cold Drink?


Cisco goes against Iris’ “orders” and tracks down Caitlin. She’s been working as a bartender in a sketchy bar and has managed to overcome her Killer Frost persona. She finally agrees to help Cisco, and the next they use a modified Speed Force bazooka. Cisco’s plan is to use Barry’s Quark matter to trick the Speed Force into thinking the speedster is still contained within.

Barry’s Back…Maybe?


It appeared Cisco’s plan didn’t work, but it turns out Barry did manage to escape. He is disoriented and brought to the CCPD. He barely registers their presence while saying random things and writing bizarre symbols all over the walls. They bring him to STAR Labs, and Caitlin comments on how healthy his body is–more than ever before. She also thinks that even though he was trapped in the Speed Force for six months, it could have been like 10,000 years for Barry. Iris tries talking to Barry alone as he continues his writing. He begins to vibrate and goes out of control. They have no choice but to lock him inside a containment cell.

Time’s Up


Wally decided to put on the Flash suit and vibrate his face in order to fight the samurai. He ended up getting stabbed through the leg after the samurai immediately figured out he was an imposter.

After Joe talks to Iris about having faith, she decides to put her life on the line in order to bring back Barry. When the police have him surrounded, Iris walks up and tells him to take her. That will make the Flash appear. The samurai flies off with her.

Joe rushes to Barry’s containment cell and tells her Iris needs him and she’s going to die. Finally, Barry begins to vibrate and bursts through the door of the cell. On his way out, he also took a new Flash suit Cisco designed. The others monitor him and note he’s running faster than he’s ever run before. Barry defeats the samurai and they discover he was a robot. His final words are, “Flash, welcome home.” Barry and Iris kiss.

What’s Really Going On With Caitlin?


When Cisco first talked to Caitlin at the bar, a shifty-looking dude was nearby. It turns out Caitlin is supposed to be working for someone, but she decides she’s done with that. The guy tries grabbing her, and she reverts back to Killer Frost. As Killer Frost leaves to have more fun, Caitlin manages to regain control and says, “Not again.”



This was an interesting season premiere episode. Normally we have a big crazy shake up happening to set up the season. The focus here was to bring Barry back. It appears he’s “better than ever” now. Hopefully this will be the case. The Flash has always been a more upbeat and positive character. Things got a little dreary in the last season. The cast has great chemistry, and it’s a shame not to see them joking around a bit while fighting the bad guys.

Even though it may seem like we could be getting a happier season, there are still a few questions that could create some complications. The big mystery is: Who is responsible for the robot samurai? We got a glimpse at those involved at the end. Unless I’m completely blanking on my Flash history (it’s been a long day), I’m not really sure what to expect from this storyline.

It would be a little hard to believe that Barry is indeed better than ever. I would assume there’ll be some sort of consequences or repercussions to his time in the Speed Force. What was up with all the funky writing?

Caitlin isn’t out of the (frozen) woods yet either. It was clear there was something going on. She may have betrayed and hurt her friends, but she would know they’d forgive her. There’s more to the story of what she’s been up to the past six months and whether or not she can control her transformations.

I’m looking forward to seeing what this season will deliver.

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