Riverdale Season 2, Episode 1 “A Kiss Before Dying” Recap And Review

Chapter 14.

The first season of Riverdale introduced viewers to a darker version of the typically wholesome town seen in the Archie comics. The murder of Jason Blossom has been solved, but the season ended with a literal bang, as Archie and his father faced a gunman inside of Pop’s Diner.

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The second season picks up immediately where the show left off. Be prepared for plenty of suspense and a new mystery. There will be spoilers for Riverdale, Season 2, Episode 1 below.

A Trip To The Hospital, Stat!


After Fred Andrews got shot at Pop’s, Archie has to drive him to the hospital because an ambulance doesn’t show up. Fred goes into surgery while Archie tries coping with the situation. After his friends show up at the hospital, Archie calls his mom and tells . her she needs to come in case they need to say goodbye.

Eventually, the surgeon informs Archie they were able to remove the bullet and stop the internal bleeding. He’s not breathing on his own at the moment. His friends convince him to go home to change and get new clothes for Fred while a room is set up for him. Archie confesses to them he froze after his dad was shot. He knew he should’ve gone to him and try to comfort him, but he couldn’t. The shooter held the gun to Archie’s head, and he just closed his eyes until he heard him exit through the door.

A New Investigation Begins

2 RVD201a_0538b_f

Sheriff Keller talks to Archie immediately to try to figure out what happened. Archie is adamant that the shooter wasn’t wearing a ski mask, but instead, a homemade hood with the eyes cut out. He mentions the shooter had green eyes, but it seems Archie is holding something back. It’s questioned if it was a burglary or perhaps someone had a grudge against Archie’s father. Fred did have to fire some members of the Serpent gang who were working on his construction crew. Jughead tells Archie he’ll ask around to see if anyone knows anything.

Keller later calls Archie into the station to look at a lineup of suspects. None of them resemble the shooter.

Jughead’s Journey

3 RVD201b_0067b_f

Jughead talks to members of the Serpent gang. When they find out Fred’s wallet was missing from his personal effects, he and Betty head to Pop’s to see if it was left behind. When Jughead asks how much money the shooter took, Pop’s tells him none was taken. He’s been held up several times over the years, and he knew the guy wasn’t a thief. He felt like something else–almost like an angel of death.

After finding out the wallet wasn’t there, Betty and Jughead discuss the previous night when Jughead put on the Serpents jacket. He tells her he’s not going down that path, but he is staying at his father’s trailer. His foster parents, while his father is in prison, have agreed to allow him to live on his own. Betty finally tells him she’ll support him in his decision to do what he feels he needs to do.

When Jughead eventually ends up at his trailer, he finds some Serpents there with a guy, bound and beat up. They brutally asked him if he knew anything about the shooting. Since he didn’t have anything to do with it, Jughead asks why they bothered to bring him into his home. The Serpents want Jughead to let his father know they are still watching over him, as they were asked.

Veronica And Archie

4 RVD201b_0334b_f

Veronica is feeling close to Archie after the previous night. She mentions to Betty that she’s never been the comforting girlfriend before. She goes along with Archie when he returns home to change and even offers to walk Vegas, despite the fact she’s never walked a dog before.

Veronica was the one that discovered Fred’s wallet was missing. Archie was mad and asked why she opened the bag and why she even came over. He tells her he wants her to leave, and she starts to go. Veronica stops and tells Archie she won’t let him push her away. She knows he shouldn’t be alone. Archie begins crying in her arms.

Tension At The Lodge Residence

5 RVD201c_0105b_f

Things are extremely tense with Veronica and her parents. When she finds her mother in the hospital chapel, she asks if she’s praying for Fred’s recovery or his death. She knows they tried buying Fred out of the deal he had and feels her mom’s been acting as her father’s eyes and ears while he was in prison.

Later when she arrives home, Hiram Lodge is there. Veronica is very cold towards her father. She tells him she’s changed and asks if he has. Before leaving the room, she shares the news that Fred Andrews is awake.

What Else Is Happening?

6 RVD201b_0297b_f

Cheryl Blossom’s mom is brought into the hospital with third degree burns. Cheryl tells everyone she was sleeping when the fire started and her mom rushed back in the house to save her. Cheryl makes it clear to her mom that things are going to change. The way she treated her before was abuse. She informs her mother that if she says otherwise, she’ll reveal what really happened the night of the fire.

Archie’s father is allowed to return home. Archie insists on taking care of things around the house. After Fred goes to bed, Archie sits up by the front door, with a baseball bat in case the shooter took the wallet and returns to finish off Fred.

In a nearby town, Miss Grundy finishes up a music lesson with a student in her home. It’s clear he is a special student as she inappropriately kisses him as he leaves. Back inside, she is caught off guard as the angel of death grabs her from behind and kills her.


Looks like things are not slowing down in Riverdale. It’s nice to see the fate of Fred Andrews resolved so quickly. The writers could have kept us in suspense for another episode or so. Luke Perry may not have the biggest role in the show, but he does have an important one. With the arrival of Hiram Lodge and the mystery of who shot Fred, there’s still a lot left to tell. A big question is whether or not Hiram knows about Fred and Hermione’s after hours activities.

Seeing Veronica and Archie’s relationship continue is a good sign for Veronica. She’s been showing growth from the former mean girl she used to be. The fact she refused to leave Archie when he was lashing out on her shows a great deal of maturity. There’s also the dangerous ground she’s treading by being so vocal against her parents.

While it’s fun to see Jughead attempt to figure out his path with his father in prison and to see Cheryl make such a stand against her mother, the biggest and juiciest setup is the mystery of the angel of death. Seeing the shooting again, it’s hard to determine who the target was. It seemed like it could be either Fred or Archie. With Miss Grundy as another target, could it have something to do with her past relationship with Archie?

Riverdale has plenty of drama, angst, and suspense to make it a must-watch show. The characters are a departure from their original comic book counterparts, but enough remains to make this an excellent showing of them in a different light. (Bravo for the mention of “Pureheart the Powerful”). If you enjoyed the first season, the second is off to a great start. We had some really strong performances this week which will make the wait for the next episode feel even longer.

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