Agents Of SHIELD Season 5, Episode 8 “The Last Day” Recap And Review

Life as an agent of SHIELD isn’t always full of glamor and excitement. They may currently be on a pretty fantastic voyage, but there’s no telling who will or will not survive the experience. Given the title, it’s easy to assume something dark is headed their way. Humanity’s battle against the Kree hasn’t been going to well. This week, we get some more answers about the beginning of this mission along with plenty of action and suspense.

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Warning: There will definitely be spoilers for Season 5, Episode 8 of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, “The Last Day,” below.

What Does The Seer Reveal?

On board the remains of the Zephyr, the Seer turns out to be Robin, the young Inhuman that started the agents on their journey. She’s still like a little girl and struggles with the order of events from her visions. When Coulson asks her why they were taken fro the diner, she informs him that was the last time they were all seen together.

Fitz and Simmons find the device that opened up the portal that brought them to the future. It was built from old schematics. In a flashback, it’s seen that Fitz was working on the designs. Frustrated, he says it’ll take decades to complete, and someone else will have to finish it.

Fitz and Simmons then examine the inhibitor implant in Daisy’s head. Unfortunately it’s embedded in her nerves and is too complex to remove without the proper tools and a trained neurosurgeon. If they tried, they could cause Daisy to become paralyzed from the neck down. Fitz also finds a piece of the monolith that brought them there. He figures if they can find more pieces, they can use it to return home.

Deke asks a guy his father knew, Samuel Voss, about the piece and why it was in his locker. After his mom died, Deke’s father always kept it close. Even if he was out at the radio tower, he wouldn’t have left it behind. Voss says it’s probably because it’s not safe out on the Earth’s surface. Deke doesn’t believe this because he asked for it to remember his mom, but his dad said he couldn’t be trusted with it. Voss then knocks Deke out.

What is Kasius’ Next Move?

At the lighthouse, Kasius decides to unleash retribution on the humans. He also allows Sinara to head to the surface to search for the SHIELD agents. When Mack, Yo-Yo, and Flint make their way on Level 3 to search for the weapons Fitz left behind, they see a Kree spraying a gas into the vents. This drives the roaches away. They’re being herded to Level 10 where the humans are. Mack is able to hack into the air ventilation system to drive the roaches to one area. Yo-Yo uses some splinter bombs from Fitz’s weapons cache (and super-speed) to cause all the roaches to disintegrate.

Answers And A Death

Fitz and Simmons are looking at the device when Fitz discovers they’ve been locked in the room. Daisy talks to Voss and says she’s not powerful enough to be the Destroyer of Worlds. Voss shows her a video clip found on a hard drive. It was the last time anyone say her and shows Daisy in an evacuated city. Shortly after, there was a 12.8 on the Richter scale and the world cracked. Voss figures if they kill Daisy now, she can’t return to the past and the world’s destruction can be prevented.


Other men enter the area, and Daisy has to fight them. Robin comes out from her living space and watches. Voss says he can’t let her give Daisy the answers about how to return to the past and stabs her in the gut.

May goes to Robin’s side as the Coulson and Daisy deal with the men. Robin tells her, “You always promised you’d be here at the end.” It turns out that after Robin’s mother died, May raised her. No one else could deal with Robin’s vision (like when she accidentally told Fitz how Jemma dies, in detail, because she thought she had already told him). May wasn’t afraid of the visions.

The meaning behind her saying this was the “last day” is it’s the end for her. Before she dies, she whispers something to May and says, “Thanks mom,” before dying. When Coulson wonders what they should do next, May tells them they do go back. Robin told her how. She just has one question: “Who’s Flint?”



This week is another instance where it feels the story is being rushed a little. The agents have just been reunited again (except for Mack and Yo-Yo), and they’ve found Robin. We get glimpses of the past from Robin’s flashbacks, and it feels like there’s more that could be told. We see the agents at the Lighthouse. Something happened to Mack, presumably his death. The Kree arrive while the agents are still alive, and Yo-Yo was seen ready to confront them over their cruelty.

So how did Mack die? We won’t find out since Robin is now dead. Also, is Deke’s father really dead? Sucks for him since he thought he was going to be reunited with him after years of thinking he had died.

There’s also the question about how the world actually “cracked.” Daisy is not powerful enough. Perhaps if/when they go back, we’ll see the events that bring Daisy to the evacuated city, and she’ll be able to prevent it.

As for Flint’s role, Robin did say something to Coulson, “Philip J. Coulson. He can bring all of the pieces together.” At first, it seemed as if Robin meant Coulson could. It’s more likely she was referring to Flint. Is Flint powerful enough to bring all of the shattered Earth together? It’s more likely that they’ll need to take him to the past, to the moment the Earth is cracked. Before the planet is completely destroyed, Flint will need to keep everything contained. That’s a pretty tall order for someone who just went through Terrigenesis.

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2 Replies to “Agents Of SHIELD Season 5, Episode 8 “The Last Day” Recap And Review”

  1. I feel like this is a new plan. Our Fitz would not have been with the gang when the Zephyr went down, because he was in cryofreeze. He would not have built the time travel device. I think this is something that hasn’t happened before… a break in the timeloop. I can’t put all the pieces together yet, but Coullson can and was not at the Lighthouse with May and Elena… right?

    smh. A rewatch is in order I think…😶😶😶

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