6 Reasons You Should Read The Silencer by John Romita Jr And Dan Abnett

Each week, there is a multitude of new comics arriving at comic book shops. Often new characters debut, fighting for shelf space among the many familiar characters. With the price of individual issues, it’s easy for readers to simply purchase books with characters they know and have read about for years. Sometimes, there are new titles that should not go unnoticed.

DC Comics has launched another initiative entitled, “The New Age of Heroes.” This involves comic book superstars creating new characters to be injected into the DC Universe. Readers will have to decide whether or not these creators are worth taking the risk and spending their dollars with each new issue.

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The Silencer by John Romita Jr., Dan Abnett, Sandra Hope, and Dean White is one of those new comics that is definitely worth being added to your comic pull list. Here are 6 reasons why you should read The Silencer. Note: There will be minor spoilers below.


The Creative Team

John Romita Jr. and Dan Abnett have proven their creative expertise many times in the world of comics. Romita has a certain style that really excels when it’s time for big action and crazy violence. This is evident with his work on Superman (with Geoff Johns) and Kick-Ass (with Mark Millar). Romita’s art gives the title a feeling of being in its own universe while also providing nods to the larger DCU throughout.

Abnett has delivered many great stories over the years as well. Recently he’s taken Aquaman to new situations and has handled integrating Wally West back into the Titans and DCU with finesse.

Honor Guest Is An Intriguing New Character


The main character used to be one of the deadliest assassins in the DCU. She’s given up that profession in order to live a normal life with her husband and child. We’ve heard this before, right? Part of what made her a great assassin, and different from other killers, is the fact she’s a metahuman.

Sometimes it feels like there is only a small number of metas in the DCU. We see many in the pages of the various comics. It makes sense there could be many metas we’ve never seen or heard of. Not everyone that possesses super-human abilities is going to suddenly become a superhero or supervillain.

Honor wants to move beyond her past as a killer. Obviously that isn’t going to happen. Having a husband and son who likely aren’t fully aware of her previous occupation adds to the drama. This means she has a lot to lose. Imagine how far she’ll go if her family is suddenly in danger.

Those pencils purchased in the image above will be put to good use when she feels threatened.

Plenty of Comic Book Violence


As mentioned, Romita is great at depicting violence. It never comes across as too sensationalized or over the top. If the main character used to be an assassin, readers will want to see plenty of violence. There should also be new and inventive ways to ensure we don’t see the same old typical scenes of mayhem and destruction. Using her son’s newly purchased pencils is a great example of Honor thinking on her feet.

Silencer Has A Cool And Useful Superpower


What can Honor do? She can create a “zone of silence.” That means she can remove all sound within a certain amount of space. In the scene above, she’s fighting off a deadly killer while her son sits in his carseat inside their vehicle. As an assassin, Honor could use whatever heavy artillery she wanted and remain in full stealth mode.

This power added to her fighting skills will come in handy. There’s always the possibility she could have other abilities not seen in the first issue.

Talia al Ghul Makes An Appearance


Honor Guest is supposed to be one of the greatest assassins in the DCU. How great was she? It turns out she worked for Talia al Ghul (and likely the League of Assassins). This adds a huge amount of credibility to her résumé.

There is a bit of mystery in regards to Honor’s time with Talia. It’s mentioned Honor was the only one ever released from “the Underlife.” You may recall Talia’s role with Leviathan in the pages of Batman Incorporated. It’s fantastic to see the threat of Leviathan hasn’t been forgotten. There’s a power struggle underway, and no one is safe.

Plenty Of New And Deadly Threats


How big and dangerous is the power struggle? It’s so bad, even Talia is at risk. Talia herself has become a target. If someone is willing to go after Ra’s al Ghul’s daughter, you know they must have some big guns in their arsenal.

New “bad guys” also means they can be disposable, when necessary. If the book is going to center around a former assassin, we can’t have a tone-downed story where no one gets seriously injured. The action seen in this first issue is likely just the tip of the iceberg.

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Making the decision whether or not to start buying a new comic book series can be tough. It’s important to take a chance on something new. Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman are all great characters, but how many stories involving them do you need to read each month? It’s up to readers to show there is room for something new and different. Do yourself a favor and give these “New Age of Heroes” books a shot. You just might discover your new favorite comic.

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