Unboxing: Funko Pop! Rocks – Kurt Cobain

It’s no secret how much I dig the Funko Pop! figures. It’s amazing how many different licenses Funko has in their arsenal. There are Pops for pretty much anything related to TV, movies, comics, and even music. When it was announced there would be Kurt Cobain Pops, it was inevitable that it would become part of my collection.

Whether you were a fan of Nirvana or not, there’s no denying how their album Nevermind, helped usher in a new era in music. Take a look at the regular version and the Hot Topic exclusive Funko Pop! Rocks as well as my semi-freaky story about what happened the night Cobain died.

You can still order the Hot Topic exclusive here. I still haven’t seen any update on the third Kurt Cobain Pop! It was meant to be exclusive to FYE. It was listed on their site, then suddenly disappeared. Perhaps it’ll show up as an exclusive elsewhere. If you’ve seen or heard anything about the third version, please comment below or on YouTube.

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Which version do you prefer? What’s your favorite Nirvana song?

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