Ash Vs Evil Dead Season 3, Episode 1 “Family” Recap And Review

Ash is back. In the previous season, he saved the town of Elk Grove, Michigan from the evils of the Necronomicon. Ash was a hero, and it was time to celebrate. As skilled as Ash is at killing evil Deadites, he parties with the same amount of energy and skill.

As Ash settles into a Deadite-free life in his hometown, he’s about to discover a couple surprises. And of course you know the evil is going to make its way back as well. It’s in the title of the show, after all.

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Warning: There will definitely be spoilers for Ash Vs. Evil Dead Season 3, Episode 1, “Family,” below. Images courtesy of Starz.

Ash Opens Up A Hardware (And Sex) Emporium


Ash has been spending his time operating Ashy Slashy’s Hardware Emporium. He actually took over his father’s business after it shut down when Ash was accused of being a serial killer. In a typical fashion completely expected of Ash Williams, he’s made certain modifications in the types of the items he sells along with the hardware supplies.

Pablo is still by his “jefe’s” side, despite not being paid. Pablo also runs “Pablito’s Fish and Chips” stand outside the store. It’s not clear if Kelly has been spending much time with the two. She’s seen working/running a bar with a very strict pretzels-are-for-paying-customers rule.

The Necronomicon Has Been Awoken…Again


It’s a given that the Necronomicon would make a return. It was thought to be destroyed, but a lady found it outside in the mud. She takes it to a low-budget “Antiques Roadshow” type show, and the “expert” inadvertently re-awakens the Evil Dead. They come to the shooting location, and pretty much everyone is massacred.

Ruby makes her way through the carnage and takes the book.

Ruby Creates More Evil


In a motel room, Ruby opens the book to a page showing the prophecy of Ash. She stabs her hand and allows the blood to drip onto the page. Smearing the blood all over the page, she also licks it off her hands, almost choking on it. She continues to do this until she falls back. Lifting up her shirt, it appears she’s growing some more of her baby demon spawns inside.

Ash Has A Wife And A Daughter


It was previously announced that Ash’s daughter would be appearing this season. It turns out he has a wife too. Just don’t get too attached to her.

Confronting him outside the hardware store, Candace “Candy” Barr expresses her anger towards Ash and the fact he didn’t remember their one night of partying that lead to marriage and a child. Candy gets a call from Brandy, who was staying after school with her friend, Rachel, to clean up graffiti they put on some lockers. The lights went out, and the school mascot has been possessed by evil.

Ash, Pablo, and Candy find Brandy and hiding in the Music room. It’s an awkward introduction that is soon interrupted by Rachel being turned into a Deadite. Ash tries fighting her/it off. Eventually the Rachel Deadite throws a cymbal at Brandy. Pablo pushes her out of the way, but Candy ends up getting the full force of musical instrument. Candy is decapitated, and Ash kills Rachel by trapping her under a harp and stomping on it. Imagine the strings slicing up her face into several cross-sections.

Who’s The New Guy?


Ash is grabbed through the classroom window by the demonized mascot. Kelly arrives with a guy who was seen outside the hardware store. They have some serious firepower and easily dispatch the mascot.

The guy’s name is Dalton and he is part of the Knights of Sumeria and sees Ash as the “Prophesied One.” Ash isn’t too interested in him, but is ready to celebrate the fact that the Ghostbeaters are back.


Ash Nuts
From Ashy Slashy’s Hardware Emporium TV spot: “You’ll love his nuts.”

Ash Vs Evil Dead is back in full form. As you would hope and expect, no punches are pulled. There are plenty of moments that make this the type of show you should not watch with your grandmother (or parents). It was great to see some time of peace had passed since the end of last season. The Ghostbeaters were able to have some downtime and try to establish some sort of normal life in Ash’s hometown. While it’s not clear exactly how much time has passed, it’s interesting that it took this long for Candy to track down Ash.

The idea that Ash now has a daughter is both scary and intriguing. We saw his “wife” has been immediately been removed from the picture. This may force Ash to take a little more responsibility in his life. Although, offering her a hit off his old hidden joint isn’t the best way to start.

With the addition of Ash’s daughter, Brandy, and Dalton, the core cast has not almost doubled. The show worked brilliantly with Ash, Kelly, and Pablo. Adding in others does make it possible to have more casualties in the fight against Ruby and the Evil Dead. We witnessed poor Brock’s demise last season as a result of Ash’s presence returning to his life.

Dalton being part of the Knights of Sumeria will bring in some ties to the end of Evil Dead II, when Ash went back in time. There may still be some legal issues that prevent a full mention of Ash’s events in Army of Darkness. Although it has been stated that if Ash mentioned it in Season 1, it would simply come across as exposition. If Dalton is the modern day leader of the Knights, we’ll have to see how capable he is in dealing with Deadites and how good he is at surviving the season.

Ash Vs Evil Dead is a show for fans of the franchise. Bruce Campbell and everyone involved do wonders with the 30-minute time slot each episode. It’s been too long since the end of Season 2. It’s great to have the Ghostbeaters back in our living rooms every week. This is a show that will give you a big old grin and gross you out within the same scene.

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