Agents Of SHIELD Season 5, Episode 15 “Rise And Shine” Recap And Review

Last weekend, most of the cast for Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD was at WonderCon in Anaheim. If you missed the interviews with the cast and producers, you can check them out HERE to find out more about last week’s episode and what’s coming up.

Last week, Coulson agreed to accompany General Hale back to her base. This week, Coulson will find out exactly what she’s up to while the rest of the team deals with Fitz and Yo-Yo.

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Warning: There will definitely be spoilers for Season 5, Episode 15 of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, “Rise and Shine,” below.

28 Years Ago

Coulson is taken to a room similar to where Anton von Strucker found himself. General Hale tells Coulson she wants to tell him her story so he’ll know it’s time for SHIELD and HYDRA to finally unite.

Hale was raised being HYDRA. The building their in was a training facility for young agents. Graduation is the next day and students in her class include Jasper Sitwell and Wolfgang von Strucker. Daniel Whitehall talks to the class about a project he’s working on–a particle infusion chamber. The chamber will force human cells to take the properties of raw materials. Hale is hoping to be assigned to the project after graduation.

The next day Sitwell tells her he’s been assigned to work with/infiltrate SHIELD. Hale didn’t get her placement and is called in to see Whitehall. He commends her for being one of the few females to make it to commencement and asks her if she completed her final test–killing the dog she been taking care of in her room.

Whitehall tells Hale he’s proud of her and has chosen her for his own project. She thinks it’s the chamber, but Whitehall corrects her by saying von Strucker has been assigned to that. They are going to need the perfect specimen for the chamber. That means she’ll need to be artificially inseminated. She’ll then give birth to their new leader. This is not what Hale wants and she makes it clear how she feels. In the end, she had no choice but to comply.

2 Years Ago

Ruby is at the HYDRA facility and has a dog in her room. Her class is much smaller, and it appears there are only five students. While eating lunch with her mom, Hale gets a text from General Fisher that SHIELD has captured Gideon Malick. Hale rushes to Fisher’s office at the Air Force, and he tells her they have to act fast. After the Battle of New York, they found a transceiver in a Chitauri ship. They used it and someone answered–an alliance of several alien races calling themselves the Confederacy. Hale asks why she wasn’t brought in on this, but General Talbot busts in the office. Fisher kills himself with a cyanide capsule as he’s being dragged away.

Back at the facility, Hale finds Ruby arguing about her dog with an instructor. When told it’s part of tradition, she questions that asking where has tradition taken them? She’s the only student left, and he has to stop going on blind faith. When the instructor grabs her by the wrist, Hale shoots him. “Now we’re the last two.”

6 Months Ago

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Talbot wakes up from his coma (after being shot by a Daisy Johnson LMD). He’s not fully recovered and is having impulse control problems due to his injury. Hale and a doctor suggest to Talbot’s wife he be moved to another facility to get more comprehensive care. This really means taking him to Hale’s facility.

Talbot wakes up in a room, just like Werner did. He finds empty halls and makes his way the cafeteria. Ruby comes in, just like before, and ignores him. Hale then tells him everything about working with Fisher, the aliens, and a device that allows ships to move through the galaxies. He’s disgusted that she’s loyal to HYDRA, but Hale says she didn’t choose HYDRA, she was born into it. They are now fighting for humanity’s survival. She needs an old HYDRA device and he’s the only one that knows where it’s hidden. He refuses to cooperate, but Hale is certain they can get him to talk.

24 Hours Ago

When Coulson first arrived at the facility, he also found himself alone in a room and found the cafeteria. He immediately knows Ruby’s mannerisms are supposed to rattle him. He simply takes a box of Cap’n Crunch’s Oops All Berries and goes to his room.

When Hale enters his room, he asks if the girl was the one who cut off the arms of his agent. Hale tells him she’s her daughter and shows him the alien device. Coulson recognizes the “weird alien writing” on the side and says it’s a bad idea. Hale gets him to go with her to the dark room to talk to one of the members of the Confederacy. The threat to Earth are giant war ships.

Coulson wonders why the Confederacy is willing to help them from the coming threat. They’ll want the Gravitonium and some Inhumans. Coulson says they’ll just enslave humanity, but Hale says by working together, they can turn things around. She wanted to put Ruby in the particle accelerator but says she’s not ready. She doesn’t have the temperament and feels Daisy would be a better candidate. She wants to infuse Daisy with Gravitonium to use her powers against the battle fleet. It turns out Whitehall’s codename for his project was: Destroyer of Worlds.

Coulson tells her it’s all a bad idea and that he’s been to the future. She doesn’t believe him and thinks he’s not willing to help.


4 148563_1162


May and Daisy try to figure out where Hale might have taken Coulson. Looking over files, Daisy realizes Hale is HYDRA (“Hale HYDRA”). There isn’t anyone from HYDRA they can question because everyone is locked up. It turns out with Fitz, they have their own “supervillain.”

May talks to Fitz and says she knows what he’s going through. She was part of HYDRA in the Framework too and has done things there she regrets. Fitz says he doesn’t regret what he did since it sealed the rift. He figures Hale must be trying to build a weapon. He’s not sure why she’d need Coulson and says if he could get access to some computers and the lab, he could figure it out. Daisy busts in and says he’s never leaving that room. When he says he didn’t have a choice, she Quake-blasts him against the wall. Daisy figures they can go to Robin to find Coulson. May is concerned with the risk.

Simmons performs the surgery to attach the robot arms to Yo-Yo with Mack assisting. She says Yo-Yo will be stronger than before. Mack is concerned because she’s been acting like she’s bulletproof. Since she’s seen her future self, she figures she can’t be killed.

FitzSimmons Will Get Through All This

Simmons brings Fitz some tea. She says she knows they’ll get through what’s going on. She hands him a pocket tool, and he recognizes it as his. She pulls out another and clarifies that the second one is his. The first belongs to Deke and was given to him by his grandfather. Fitz is a little shocked and says, “…but he’s the worst.” Simmons says this proves they live long enough to have a daughter. Together, they’re invincible.


With most of the episode dealing with Hale’s flashbacks, it felt a little weird. It’s always fascinating to see other parts of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The idea of a HYDRA school is something I never thought about. Seeing a young Sitwell before he’s assigned to SHIELD was a great touch. As was the final test with their dog (this is what John Garrett made Ward do in a flashback).

Finding out about the accelerator means Ruby might be the actual Destroyer of Worlds. After Coulson talked to Hale, Ruby visited him and asked if he went to the future, what did she do wrong? She still wants to know where Quake is. Chances are, she’s probably going to enter the chamber despite Hale knowing she’s not ready. Ruby is likely who caused the Earth to be destroyed instead of Daisy.

Hopefully Daisy will be able to forgive Fitz. Mack seems to have already when he spoke to Simmons. He explained how things were for them in the Framework (since she didn’t quite experience it because her counterpart was “dead”). The team is getting spread too thin with Coulson in Hale’s custody and Fitz locked up. They need to reunite in order to defeat the alien threat and ensure the world isn’t destroyed.

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