Agents Of SHIELD Season 5, Episode 16 “Inside Voices” Recap And Review

Last week we saw the “origin” of General Hale as she told Coulson who she believes SHIELD should align themselves with against the coming threat. We also got some insight into where the name, “Destroyer of Worlds” originated from. Meanwhile, the rest of SHIELD is determined to find Coulson despite a difference of opinion as to how they should go about doing that.

This week’s episode is full of unexpected team-ups.

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Warning: There will definitely be spoilers for Season 5, Episode 15 of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, “Inside Voices,” below.

Creel and the Gravitonium

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General Hale has Creel come in contact with Gravitonium. Ruby isn’t pleased with this since they now have the location of particle chamber that would make her the Destroyer of Worlds. She doesn’t think they need Creel anymore. Hale explains they still need Werner von Strucker to tell them how to use it. She also reminds Ruby that Ian Quinn was the only one that understood Gravitonium. Hale doesn’t want to infuse Ruby’s cells with something they don’t anything about.

Creel reaches into the box with the Gravitonium and it grabs ahold of him. He starts getting memory flashes and manages to get it off his arm. When Hale asks him what he felt, he replies, “It’s alive.”

Daisy, May, and Robin

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Daisy is determined to seek out Robin to find out if she’s had any visions of where Coulson might be. May shows some concern over bringing in a “kid” to help them. Simmons wants to talk to Daisy about letting Fitz out of his room to help. Daisy firmly says no. Simmons mentions that while Robin may be able to help, Fitz may actually have a concrete lead. Daisy makes her feelings clear by saying that Fitz is sick. She tells Simmons that Mack is in charge while she’s gone and is under orders to keep Fitz locked up.

Later, Robin and her mom are brought on board a quinjet. Robin hasn’t been doing well and has stopped talking and drawing her visions. After some attempts to ask Robin to help them find their friend, Daisy asks Robin’s mom what her last drawing was. It was a vision of her death in the future. Then Robin sees May and hugs her while calling her mom. She tells May she missed her and told her that Flint would get them back. With May by her side, Robin starts drawing again. When May asks about Coulson, Robin says he’s going to die. May thinks they might still be able to save him and looks at another of Robin’s drawings.

The Invincible Three

After talking to Daisy, Simmons brings Yo Yo to Fitz. She tells her they need a new approach to the situation. She also says she believes Yo Yo can’t die now. Even though they didn’t see their future selves, Deke is their proof. Upon hearing Deke is their grandson, Yo Yo says, “Wow. I’m sorry.” She refers to them as the “Invincible Three.” They need to get Fitz out, but that means dealing with Mack.

Yo Yo asks Mack to let Fitz out, and he refuses. She then takes him outside of Fitz’s room. Simmons wants to test a hypothesis and prove she can’t be killed. She has three beakers filled with water and one with a clear acid. She’ll drink three without knowing which has the acid, and those will be the ones with water. Fitz tells her not to do this, and Mack agrees it’s a crazy idea.

Simmons downs the first–it’s water. She drinks the second–it’s also water. Grabbing the third, Mack pulls his gun on her. “You’d shoot me to keep me from dying?” Mack responds he’d just wound her. She drinks the third, and it’s the wrong one. She collapses and writhes in pain. Mack asks Fitz what they need to do. He says she needs to drink some alkalide phosphate (or something like that). He yells he knows where it is and Mack needs to let him out. Mack complies and is shoved inside the cell by Yo Yo.

It turns out the third beaker did contain water. She pours the fourth out, and it bubbles, showing it was indeed acid. Fitz tells Jemma a heads up would’ve been nice. Yo Yo won’t let Mack out and tells him if they don’t come back, it’s because they broke the time loop. She grabs Mack’s gun and it accidentally goes off, barely missing both Fitz and Simmons. Their luck is still holding out, and they’re still indestructible.

The Big Escape

4 148604_5855

Creel is still having images flash through his head. He goes to Coulson’s room and slams him against the wall. He tells Coulson the Gravitonium hates him and wants him dead. Coulson tries telling Creel he has things all wrong. Hale has Talbot and has tortured him. A guard is approaching Coulson’s room to check on him so Creel has to make a quick decision. He tells Coulson they’ll check on Talbot and if he’s not there, he’ll destroy him.

In a wing that Hale told Creel was off limits, they can hear Talbot’s rantings. They free Talbot, but an alarm goes off. Hale tells Ruby to suit up and reminds her they need Creel alive. As a fight breaks out with robo-guards, Coulson gets punched hard in the chest. He falls and has no pulse. Talbot convinces Creel to help. Creel turns into metal and gives Coulson a jump start courtesy of a fallen robot. Talbot tells Coulson he dies more than anyone he knows.

With Ruby and more guards blocking the only way out, he opens the door with the alien teleporting tech. He tells Talbot and Coulson to go in as he holds off the guards. Coulson randomly changes the dials, and they teleport blindly. Outside, Ruby is about to throw her blade at Creel and Hale arrives just in time to order her to stop. She throws it regardless and Creel transforms into wood, courtesy of the broken pole he’s holding. The blade lands in his chest but doesn’t have an affect. Hale asks Ruby who the hell she thinks she is. “I’m the Destroyer of Worlds.” This response pleases Hale, and she tells Ruby to go get Coulson and Talbot.

Coulson and Talbot teleported to a snowy forest with mountains in the background. This is similar to the latest drawing Robin drew.



Things got pretty intense this week. Simmons’ hypothesis test was pretty risky. It’s possible it could’ve still been set up ahead of time, but with how it played out, it’s likely she really did test fate. Speaking of fate, Robin mentioned Coulson was going to die. Could she have been referring to his “death” after getting punched in the chest by a robo-guard? We’re all assuming Marvel won’t kill off Coulson. Talbot even joked about how often he’s died now. There’s also the rumor that Coulson will eventually come face to face with the Avengers once again, and they’ll find out he’s still alive after getting stabbed by Loki.

Yo Yo’s new arms are pretty cool. Seeing the character get her arms chopped off wasn’t easy, but this does align with what happened to her in the comics. The question now is: Will Mack forgive her for locking him up? Also, Daisy has become a real “hardass,” as Deke put it. She won’t be too happy when she finds out Simmons and Yo Yo orchestrated Fitz’s release. They left on a quinjet, but we’ll have to wait until next week to see what happens. (The episode is titled “The Honeymoon”).

Ruby is going off the rails. It’s going to be something when she finally faces off against Quake.

The end sequence was a nice surprise. We got a flashback to four years ago with Raina and Ian Quinn. The last we saw of Quinn, he got into a van with Raina. The flashback picks up from here. He wonders why she helped him get the Gravitonium. It turned out the Gravitonium wanted Quinn. Raina opened the box and it grabbed and absorbed Quinn. This would explain why Creel is having feelings of hating Coulson.

There’s still no word whether or not the show will be granted a sixth season. Be sure to keep your fingers crossed as we wait.

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