Cosmic Ghost Rider Gets Limited Series

There has been several different hosts for the Spirit of Vengeance over the years. We  even saw the Ghost Rider in the far future in the pages of Thanos #13. Cosmic Ghost Rider was seen working with the future Thanos, and has become popular among readers. His back story and identity was revealed within the pages of Thanos. Marvel is ready to further unleash the antics of Cosmic Ghost Rider in an upcoming limited series.

Who is Cosmic Ghost Rider? Spoilers below, if you haven’t read his origin story.

Cover by Geoff Shaw.

Co-creator Donny Cates told the story of how Frank Castle, the Punisher, became the Cosmic Ghost Rider. The limited series will be written by Cates with art by Dylan Burnett.

What does Cates have to say about his plans for Ghost Rider?

“Cosmic Ghost Rider is such a blast to work on. It’s honestly pretty overwhelming how much the Marvel fans have embraced this crazy character, and I’m having so much fun continuing the Rider’s insane story! If you thought Thanos Wins was wild…you just wait to see what we have planned for everyone’s new favorite space lunatic!”

The five-issue series goes on sale on July 4, 2018.

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