What The Heck? Comics! — That Time Superman Turned Lois Lane Into Glass

Comic books can get really weird. There are some moments from the characters’ histories that need a closer look. Back in 1955, it was shown what happened when Superman turned Lois Lane into glass. Is this a dark secret from the Man of Steel’s past DC Comics is hoping we all forget? How could she possibly survive having all her internal organs transformed into glass?

Find out what happened in this story from Superman #101.

There’s always an easy explanation when it comes to these stories. Superman clearly was focused on one goal and wasn’t too concerned about the panic his Rainbow Doom presented. The Daily Planet should have been upset as well for the false stories they ended up printing. And who knew J. Jonah Jameson was publishing the Daily Bugle eight years before The Amazing Spider-Man #1?

Let me know what you thought of the video. I’m trying to do something other than the unboxing videos. If enough people are interested, I have plenty of these weird comics to feature.

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