Unboxing: Marvel Legends Spider-Man Spider-Punk Figure

The latest wave of Marvel Legends Build-A-Figure series features Spider-Man (along with some other characters). One of the nice surprises was the Spider-Punk figure. When he first appeared in the Spider-Verse/Web Warriors story arc, it was pretty cool. Now he has his own figure along with an “appearance” in the upcoming PS4 Spider-Man video game.

Take a look at the figure out of the box.

The biggest problem I’m having with the Marvel Legends figures is availability. It seems they aren’t easy to find in my area. It could be because stores still have old waves stuck on the shelves so they don’t want to order additional stock until those they have sell. That just means they’re going to sit there until they decide to mark them down on clearance. Is it any wonder that places like Toys ‘R Us go out of business when some of us are forced to buy stuff online when we can’t find them locally?

Now I’m just waiting on my Gwenpool figure to arrive in the mail.

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