Review: DC Nation #0 Sets The Stage For Batman, Superman, And The Justice League

It’s not often you can buy a new comic book for a quarter. DC Comics made that possible last week with DC Nation #0. The 32-page comic featured a look at three of DC’s big upcoming story arcs in Batman, Man of Steel, and Justice League: No Justice. The stories, by an all-start list of creators, give a taste of the crazy and exciting things we can expect.

You should definitely try to track down a copy at your local comic store. Here’s why:

Batman in “Your Big Day”


Written by Tom King with art and colors by Clay Mann and Jordie Bellaire, this story is full of suspense. If you’ve been reading the current Batman series written by King, you know Batman and Catwoman are going to get married. That may sound like a far-fetched idea, but King has easily convinced readers why Bruce Wayne and Selina are meant to be together.

This is a story that has been building for a while. Actually, you could say it’s been building since 1940’s Batman #1, as King has pointed out in a recent issue. It hasn’t been an easy journey, but it appears the big day is quickly approaching.

So what does Joker think about all this?


That’s part of the focus of this tale. Joker has somehow gotten wind of the upcoming nuptials and is waiting to receive a wedding invitation. Where might Joker expect it to be delivered? How about a complete stranger’s home?

This story shows just how creeping and threatening Joker can be. By pulling a regular civilian into the story, the danger feels more real. Mann’s art and Bellaire’s colors enhance the uneasy feeling you’ll have as poor “Roger” is completely at Joker’s mercy, hoping the invitation will somehow make it’s way through the mail slot.

Superman in “Office Space”


Next is another taste of Brian Michael Bendis writing Superman. The art is by Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez and Dexter Vines with colors by Alex Sinclair.

Comic characters often shine when they have a fantastic supporting cast. Bendis takes advantage of the richness of the Daily Planet. The story may not be the typical Superman story you might be expecting full of action, but it does deliver an unexpected punch. A certain someone is no longer working at the Planet.


After Clark tries to put on a brave face in front of everyone, we find out that Lois is “gone.” It’s not completely clear what happened to her or where she went. That’s part of the mystery that will ensure that readers pick up The Man of Steel #1 on May 30.

We are also introduced to a new addition at the Planet–Robinson Goode. We can assume there will be more to her story other than just being another regular employee there. Why else would she be introduced in this special issue?

Again, we have some great art and colors. Since most of the story takes place in the office, Garcia-Lopez and Sinclair make it feel alive rather than just having a static environment.

Bendis is continuing to bring Superman back to his roots while also ensuring the story moves forward in the current age of DC heroes.

The Justice League in “No Justice” Prelude


The Justice League has always been about bringing together the big guns, and that’s also what DC is doing in terms of creators. This story is written by Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, and Joshua Williamson. The art and colors are by Jorge Jimenez and Alejandro Sanchez.

We’ve seen many epic stories featuring the League over the years. The aim here is to go even bigger than anything we’ve seen before. With the conclusion of Dark Nights: Metal, the DC Universe has been drastically impacted by the battle against the Dark Multiverse. The big consequence comes from the Source Wall being damaged. What lies on the other side? This is something the different Justice Leagues will have to find out and deal with.


You did read that correctly, there will be multiple Justice Leagues. To add to the twist, the different teams will consist of both heroes and villains.

The prelude story here throws your straight into the action. That is sometimes a good thing as it gets the ball rolling. I was a little concerned with this being the beginning, but after reading this week’s Justice League: No Justice #1, we’ll get plenty of set up and back story before everyone is thrown into the fire.

It’s clear comic book readers enjoy the big event/crossover stories. Some, on the other hand, are getting a little fatigued by having so many back to back. Don’t get me wrong, this story shows how spectacular it will be seeing so many odd pairings of heroes and villains. The continuity nut inside me feels a little thrown off after reading the Joker and Superman portions that focus more on the singular characters rather than big bombastic action. I know we shouldn’t worry about how the different stories fit together. We should just enjoy each of them separately. That being said, Jimenez’s art here is incredible, and Francis Manapul’s art in the first issue will be something worth seeing as well.

DC Nation #0 is definitely a must-read comic. If you weren’t able to get a copy at your local comic shop, you can read it for free directly from DC Comics here.

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