Kick-Ass Gets New Creative Team With Upcoming Story Arc

The new Kick-Ass will keep kicking ass with a new creative team. Image Comics has announced the upcoming change starting with issue #7. The issue will also be the beginning of a new story arc. Steve Niles and Marcelo Frusin will take over this fall and the continue the story of Patience Lee.


Why the new creative team? Why isn’t Mark Millar continuing the series? Here’s what he had to say:

“When we sold Millarworld to Netflix, the one and only downside was not being able to write more Kick-Ass with my new executive role, and so I did the next best thing—I got my favourite writer to continue Patience Lee’s adventures. Steve Niles is without question my favourite writer in comics, and I rank 30 Days of Night as my favourite graphic novel of the last 20 years. I’m honoured he’s taken the time to do this and slightly in awe that, like Jeff Lemire on Hit-Girl, he’s already outclassed me on this book. I finally get to enjoy Kick-Ass as a reader!”

In the upcoming issue, Kick-Ass has taken out Hoops Lucero and has taken control of his criminal operations. Unfortunately, the brutal Violencia is determined to break out of jail and get revenge our hero.

Niles also commented on taking over writing duties on the series.

“I am absolutely having the time of my life working on Kick-Ass. It’s a thrill to be continuing the work set out by Mark and John [Romita Jr.] and wonderful to be working with Marcelo and Sunny [Gho].”

Kick-Ass #7 hits stores on Wednesday, September 19th. Be sure to catch up on the previous issues if you’re not already currently reading.


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