Batman #50 Review – The Wedding Of Batman & Catwoman (Spoilers)

The moment Batman readers have been waiting for is finally here. Batman and Catwoman have decided to tie the knot. The two have had a complicated relationship for decades. Tom King has taken their complex history and crafted a story showing how and why the two deserve to be together.

Even though Batman usually has a Robin as a partner and has expanded his allies into the “Batman Family,” he’s still known for being a dark and brooding individual. With the impending nuptials, a question has come up–Can Batman get married and live a happy life?

There will be some spoilers below, including the ending of the issue (as released by DC). The final moment will be clearly marked with a spoiler warning.


Unfortunately with the state of comic books today, you may have already heard spoilers and the twist that occurs in this issue before you get a chance to read it. There is more to the oversized issue than what happens at the end.

With the wedding approaching and word getting out to some of Batman’s enemies, the two decide perhaps they should just get married right away. It’s already been said that Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle can’t publicly get married because of Selina’s record and recent crime persona. It makes sense for the two to have a more intimate wedding with each bringing one person to bear witness to the event.

As Batman and Catwoman prepare for the wedding at dawn, we get a delightful look at the journey the two have taken together over the years through a series of astounding artwork by today’s top artists along with Bruce and Selina’s thoughts.

DC has released textless versions of some of these pages. The art shown below is by Rafael Alburquerque, Andy Kubert, Clay Mann, Becky Cloonan, David Finch, Jason Fabok, Joëlle Jones, and Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There are some very touching moments seen through the images and the accompanying words. Along with this, we get to see the final preparations before the big moment occurs. And there’s also the matter of who will Bruce and Selina each choose as their one witness?

The art for the main parts of the story is by Mikel Janin with color by June Chung. As you would expect, we get some more great visuals, including this glorious two-page spread:

9 BM_50_dylux-20-21

For the momentous issue, it’s a great celebration of the relationship between Batman and Catwoman. Because this is a Batman comic, of course there’s bound to be some unexpected moments. That being said, this issue is a piece of history. The ending may or may not be what readers feel is best for the Dark Knight. Even knowing the outcome, there’s still the way the issue is laid out that makes it worth picking up.

The fact the ending has been revealed is main problem with the issue. Thankfully, I was able to read a copy before the ending was officially released. As previously mentioned, spoilers are pretty much guaranteed when it comes to big comic book moments. DC took the initiative to take control of this. It’s unfortunate that the spoiler was clear in the headline of the article officially released.

So what happens at the end?


Selina has time to consider what marriage and pure happiness would mean for Batman. She realizes Batman is still a hurt child. It’s his pain that gives him his driving force. By marrying him and making him happy, she’d be bringing an end to Batman as a hero.

With that, she calls off the wedding by not showing up. This is something that has left some fans feeling as they’ve been bamboozled by DC. We’ve seen the build up of this story. King has done an admirable job convincing us that Batman and Catwoman could actually be together and get married. It should make sense that wedding wouldn’t actually happen. Seeing it play out was pretty heart-breaking.

Here is the final page, also provided by DC. Final warning for spoilers.


Despite the wedding not happening, King has stated the story is far from over. What is Bane’s next move? He’s suffered some losses courtesy of Batman. Seeing him at Arkham, gathered with Batman’s enemies is definitely worrisome.

And how is Joker there? Do we assume he was able to get medical care before he actually bled out last issue? The issue ending with Catwoman laughing with a seemingly crazed look on her face. I thought being exposed to Joker’s blood infected her since his blood has been said to be toxic in the past.

Whether you were spoiled or not, if you’re a Batman fan, you’ll want to buy this issue. King’s writing has been incredible and this book is jam-packed with amazing artwork. There are so many emotions contained within. It may not be the ending you thought you were going to get, but you owe it to yourself to experience how the events unfolded. It’s a great time to be a Batman fan.

And be sure to check out Catwoman #1 by Joëlle Jones and Laura Allred to see what happens next.

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