Unboxing: Deadpool Funko Marvel Collector Corps Subscription Box

What’s in the box?

Funko has switched their Marvel Collector Corps service, and it is now distributed exclusively through Amazon. The price of the box has gone up about five bucks. So the big question is–What’s in the box? Is it worth the extra money? Will the exclusive Deadpool items be worth it and unique enough from all the other Deadpool merchandise Funko has already produced?

Check out the unboxing video below. Spoilers and all that.

I’m still not totally sure how I feel about this box. It does seem a little light compared to past Collector Corps boxes. No t-shirt, which is fine. I realized afterwards the one thing I was confused about is for holding actual tacos… Oops. I really don’t know. It’s a bit of a letdown. Maybe my hopes were too high.

The next box, due in September, is Venom-themed. Let me know what you think. Should I continue subscribing to this?

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