Marvel Prepares To ‘Disassemble’ The Uncanny X-Men

The X-Men have seemingly been gaining more love and attention at Marvel in recent months. We’ve had some great ongoing series and side miniseries focusing on the various beloved characters. What we haven’t had lately is an Uncanny X-Men series. That changes this coming November, but will the return of the title bring forth bad tidings for Marvel’s mutants?

A new teaser for an upcoming story arc suggests “no one survives the experience.”


The ten-part weekly story, X-Men Disassembled, will bring together just about every mutant left in the Marvel Universe. There is a danger that threatens to destroy them all in what might be the X-Men’s final mission.

The Uncanny X-Men creative team brings together writers Ed Brisson (Extermination), Kelly Thompson (Mr. & Mrs. X) and Matthew Rosenberg (The Punisher, Phoenix Resurrection). They’ll be joined by artists Mahmud Asrar (X-Men Red), R.B. Silva (X-Men Blue), Yildiray Cinar (Weapon X) and Pere Pérez (Rogue and Gambit).

As for what happens to the series after the ten-part story, that will depend on whether or not anyone survives.

The first issue is on sale November 14, 2018. Asrar provides the art on issue #1, Silva on #2, and Cinar on issue #3.

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