Best Stuff In Comics This Week

There’s a crazy amount of comics released each week. Here’s a look at some of the strangest, coolest, and funniest things you might have missed in last week’s comics. These examples should give you more of a reason to pick up these titles at your local comic shop. You can also find more current and past examples on the Best Stuff Instagram page.

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There may be some minor spoilers below.

West Coast Avengers #1

Best Reason To Have A Great Catchphrase

1 WCA1

Kate Bishop is conducting interviews to find team members for a new incarnation of the West Coast Avengers. When she asks a guy in a bread costume what his catchphrase is, he doesn’t have the best reply. He didn’t get the gig.

Teen Titans #21

Best Reference To The Outsiders

2 TeenTitans21

One of the Teen Titans is trying to get rid of an explosive. Crush (Lobo’s daughter) throws the member who yells out a line from The Outsiders before the bomb explodes.

Amazing Spider-Man #4

Best Reason To Make Sure Your Data Is Always Up To Date

3 ASM4

This month’s villain attempted to purchase a Tri-Sentinel to assist in his evil schemes. Unfortunately the owner’s manual was contained on a CD-ROM which is giving some read errors.

Best Side Job For Superheroes

4 ASM4b

Being a superhero is often a thankless job. It seems there is now an option to earn some cash on the side by becoming an “Uper” driver. Or in the case of Spider-Man, an Uper…carrier?

Action Comics #1002

Best Place To Look For Story Clues

5 ActionComics1002

When you work in an office, the easiest way to keep track of notes and other tidbits is using Post-Its. It seems Clark Kent has quite a few notes on his computer at the Daily Planet. There could be some clues as to things happening in the DCU or in Brian Michael Bendis’ titles.

Suicide Squad Annual #1

Best Reason Not To Take A Job That Places Explosives In Your Head

6 SuicideSquadAnn1

Okay, perhaps no one is actually applying to join Amanda Waller’s Suicide Squad. She keeps the villains in line by placing explosives in their heads she can set off at any time. This means you want to make sure you do your job, and you don’t want to upset Waller. It makes you wonder whose job it is to clean up the mess of poorly performing employees.

Hit-Girl #7

Best Reason The Odds May Not Always Be Obvious

7 HitGirl7

Hit-Girl has had it pretty tough on her latest mission up in Canada. She had her leg stuck in a bear trap and is now out-numbered by armed bad guys. Hit-Girl doesn’t see this as a problem.

Detective Comics #987

Best Reason Not To Try To Read Batman’s Mind

8 TEC987

What can you do if you’re fighting a villain that can read your mind and see your every move during a fight? If you’re Batman, you completely open up your mind and flood them with all the pain, suffering, and hardship you’ve experienced.

Venom #5

Best New Upgrade For Venom

9 Venom5

We are discovering some interesting new facts about the Venom symbiote and its origin. Eddie Brock just discovered it’s capable of sprouting wings to save himself and Miles Morales from a big fall. This way, he won’t have to worry about trying to find buildings to shoot webs at in order to swing around town.

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That’s it for this week. Be sure to pick up these comics at your local comic shop, if you haven’t already if any of these moments strikes your fancy.

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