Unboxing: Funko Ad Icons – Bazooka Joe & Cap’N Crunch

Funko makes Pop figures for practically everything. To me, the idea of the Ad Icons line is a little strange. They’re selling the company mascots that were meant to sell the product being advertised. Yet, I couldn’t resist buying a couple of them.

Target has some exclusive Ad Icons figures which includes Bazooka Joe, Cap’N Crunch, Sugar Bear, and the Noid. I only picked up a couple of them (after being surprised at actually seeing Target-Exclusive Funko figures at my local store). Check out the video below.

I’ve always had a soft spot for Bazooka Joe. The gum might’ve been pretty hard to chew, but I dug the comics. Cap’N Crunch is just a cereal I ate often during my childhood. Let me know what you think of these Pops. Will you pick any of them up if you come across them? What other “Ad Icons” might you want to see?

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