Best Stuff In Comics This Week

There’s a crazy amount of comics released each week. Here’s a look at some of the strangest, coolest, and funniest things you might have missed in last week’s comics. These examples should give you more of a reason to pick up these titles at your local comic shop. You can also find more current and past examples on the Best Stuff Instagram page.

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There may be some minor spoilers below.

Edge Of Spider-Geddon #3

Best Reason To Practice One-Liners or Best Reason To Pack Your Own Lunch 1 EdgeSpiderGeddon3a

In this Spider-reality, Spider-Ben is pouncing on a bad guy. He’s trying to take after his nephew, Peter, and deliver snappy banter while defeating his foe. Ben struggles and should try to practice coming up with one-liners during a fight.

He does come up with a line, that is similar to what Chase Stein came up with last week in Runaways #13.

2 EdgeSpiderGeddon3b

When in doubt, you can always fall back on the knuckle-sandwich-for-lunch bit.

Batman #55

Best Reason To Practice One-Liners, Continued

3 Batman55

Nightwing is still hanging around Gotham City. He and Batman have a conversation about making puns. Batman is obviously strictly against them. Nightwing does his best to come up with them on the spot. Of course, after this issue, Nightwing will have other things to worry about…

We also get a hint as to why Batman always called Robin “chum” back in the day.

West Coast Avengers #2

Best Explanation Why Kate Bishop Has Holes In Her Costume 

4 WCA2

Kate Bishop is a cool character, but it’s always been a bit of a mystery as to why she has hip-holes in her costume. Is it a fashion statement? Does she tend to sweat at the hips?

This week’s issue had a moment where both Hawkeyes needed to retrieve some files through questionable means. Kate insists Clint carries the files. She can’t put them in her costume because they would fall out. Looks like she just doesn’t want to be the one holding any ill-gotten evidence.

Nightwing #49

Best Question About Characters With “The” In Their Name

5 Nightwing49

Nightwing is in the middle of a crazy race with The Silencer. He asks her if she always insists on “the” being used in her name. This is a question I’ve often asked. Does the Justice League say, “Hey The Flash, do you want to order pizza tonight?”

Sadly, we don’t get a definitive answer here.

Multiple Man #4

Best Response To Time Travel Explanations

6 MultMan4

Whenever time travel is involved, things can get super-complicated. No matter how carefully someone tries to explain the complexities of it all, sometimes a good “Braaaap!” is best used to cut them off.

Justice League #8

Best Reason The Justice League Should Be Concerned About The Legion of Doom

7 JL8

As if things weren’t bad enough for the Justice League, it turns out Lex Luthor has the Batman Who Laughs locked in the basement of the Legion of Doom’s headquarters. If they’re working together, things just got way worse for the League.

Mr. And Mrs. X #3

Best Fight Sequence

8 MrMrsX3

Gambit unfortunately has to team-up with Deadpool to fight off some Shi’ar soldiers. A pretty spectacular sequence shows just how skilled the two are at taking out their foes.

Damage #9

Best Literal Arm And A Leg Cost

9 Damage9

Damage is attacked by a variety of soldiers. He tears the arm and leg off a cyborg opponent who proclaims it costs an “arm and a leg” to get replacement parts…

Infinity Wars: Soldier Supreme #1

Best (Sort of) Return Of Amalgam Characters

10 IWSoldierSupreme1

Do you remember the Amalgam characters that combined a Marvel and DC character in the 90s? It’s sort of happening again, just only with Marvel characters. The latest Infinity Gauntlet/Infinity Stones event just re-wrote the Marvel Universe by combining pairs of character.

This week we see the Soldier Supreme which combines Captain America and Doctor Strange. You’ll also find other combined secondary characters within the issue.

Harley Quinn #50

Best New Sitcom We Probably Won’t See On The DC Universe Streaming Service

11 Harley50

Harley Quinn has inadvertently mucked up DC’s continuity. One of the bizarre moments we witness is a sitcom with Adam Strange. Looks like it could be pretty funny.

Venom #6

Best New Look For Venom

12 Venom6

Venom has had some different tweaks to his look over the years. As he prepares to fight a god, he amps up his look to get ready for the fight. Good thing Venom doesn’t need pockets to carry all his gear.

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That’s it for this week. Be sure to pick up these comics at your local comic shop, if you haven’t already if any of these moments strikes your fancy.

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