Spider-Man Is Getting Hunted

You would think being the amazing Spider-Man would be pretty awesome. Even though he spends a lot of his time fighting villains and bank robbers, it’s usually been on his own terms. Unfortunately, it appears one of his enemies will be turning the tables and go after him next March.

Marvel has released a teaser image for what we can expect in The Amazing Spider-Man next March.

In the upcoming story arc, series writer Nick Spencer will be joined by artist Humberto Ramos as Kraven the Hunter targets Spider-Man along with some of his allies and enemies.  Normally, a Spider-Man villain plotting some sort of revenge scheme wouldn’t be too big of a deal, but we have to remember Kraven previously completely defeated Spider-Man.

In the classic Kraven’s Last Hunt story arc from 1987, Sergei Kravinoff drugged Spider-Man and buried him alive. After being unconscious underground in a coffin for two weeks, Spider-Man clawed his way out of his grave, to find that Kraven dressed up in his costume and brutally attacked criminals. It wasn’t a highlight in Spidey’s career.

The upcoming story arc may not take things to the same extremes, but a confrontation between the two has been something readers have been looking forward to. (Even if they did just recently clash in the pages of The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl).

What do you think of the upcoming story?

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