‘Symbiote Spider-Man’ Series Coming In April

Spider-Man is back in his symbiote suit in a new mini-series…sort of.

Before Eddie Brock became Venom, the symbiote suit joined Spider-Man when he returned to Earth after the Secret Wars story arc. Marvel has announced a series called Symbiote Spider-Man which takes us to the days before Peter Parker realized the dangers of being exposed to the alien suit.

The story will be written by comic book legend Peter David (Ben Reilly: The Scarlet Spider) with art by Greg Land (Domino, Hunt for Wolverine).

The mini-series will be an in-continuity story for Spider-Man set during the weeks he wore the alien suit. Characters such as Black Cat and Aunt May will make appearance, and Spider-Man will face off against Mysterio.

An interesting note is the fact that Spider-Man never fought Mysterio while wearing the symbiote. At least, we never knew he did since this story will be in continuity. Editor Devin Lewis has stated that they have done their homework and revisited the old stories to make sure everything lines up.

Symbiote Spider-Man is a five-issue mini-series on sale in April.

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