Cloak & Dagger Season 2, Episode 2 “White Lines” Recap And Review

Things are about to heat up as Tandy and Tyrone’s plan to record rival drug gangs in a meeting goes to hell. They won’t be the only ones in hot water as Detective O’Reilly is about to go through a transformation. You can read the recap for the previous episode here.

Warning: There will definitely be spoilers for Season 2, Episode 2 of Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger, “White Lines,” below.

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What Happened During The Meeting?

Tandy and Tyrone enter the meeting room and discover everyone has been killed. One guy made a symbol on the floor with drugs. Tyrone recognizes the symbol but can’t recall what it means. Listening to the recorder, all they hear is “Who the hell are you?” followed by chaos. Brigid walks in, which causes the symbol to blow away. She’s angry at the two for being there. She says they’re just making things worse. Brigid tells them to leave while she cleans up otherwise she’ll have them arrested.

Tandy And Tyrone Talk To Others

Tyrone visits Evita’s aunt to find out about the symbol. She says it’s an invocation to summon a loa (voodoo god). This particular symbol belongs to a death loa. The guy that made it either knew he was dying or wanted justice. Evita walks in and is pissed to find Tyrone there. She’s angry because she hasn’t heard from him in eight months. He decides to confide in her and shows her his powers. She gets more angry because he could’ve visited her to tell her he was alright months ago.

Tandy goes to another meeting and finds out Mikayla went back to her boyfriend. He said some thugs broke into the house and trashed the place. She felt bad for him because he was shaken up. Tandy can’t control herself and yells out that if her boyfriend hits her, she should just leave. It’s that simple.

It’s suggested Tandy talk to an anger management guy, and Tandy later runs into him in his neighborhood. She’s surprised when she sees a bunch of women singing around a telephone poll covered with signs for missing girls. Nothing is being done about them because of the color of their skin. Tandy is concerned when it seems Mikayla has disappeared.

Tyrone draws a symbol on the church floor and prays. He’s suddenly teleported to the back of an ambulance. He finds Mikayla strapped there, and she says she was drugged. She doesn’t know where they’re taking her. He tries unstrapping her, but the “paramedic” in the passenger seat shoots at him so he teleports away.

Everyone Goes To The Hospital

Mikayla later turns up in the hospital after an apparent overdose on heroin. Tandy touches her hand and gets a vision. She sees Mikayla in the ambulance and figures out where it’s being kept.

Tyrone tries making the symbol on the floor again but keeps messing it up. Evita shows up and explains he needs to relax. Helping him with the symbol and his breathing, they both teleport and end up at the hospital.

There’s Something About Brigid

O’Reilly made an anonymous call to the police about the bodies. She goes to a bar and drinks a lot. Trying to walk home, she starts throwing up on the street. In a reflection in a puddle, she sees herself come up and is told she’s pathetic. “It’s my turn now.”

Brigid goes back to the club and gets the name of the dead guy who drew the symbol on the floor. Heading over to his house, she pushes her way inside and talks to the wife. O’Reilly notices a very expensive painting that the guy couldn’t have afforded on his salary. Threatening the wife, she gets information about a salvage yard where private ambulances are being kept.

Brigid finds Tandy outside the salvage yard. They both enter and Tandy sees the driver of the ambulance Mikayla was in who she saw in her vision. There’s a chase and Brigid moves her car to block the exit. The driver turns around and Tandy finds herself in the ambulances path. She creates a light bomb and causes it to crash. The guy tells them Mikayla was already full of heroin. It was just a pick up. There will be more girls, but he doesn’t know where.

Brigid tells Tandy to look out in case others come. When the guy says he doesn’t know anything else, she kills him.

Meanwhile, Tyrone heads over to Brigid’s and hears a muffled voice. Teleporting inside, he finds Brigid tied up. It’s unclear if this is happening out of sequence because the episode has been jumping around back and forth. Brigid says they have to leave, and they go to the salvage yard. Tandy is confused to see the two of them because she was just with Brigid. They go back and see Brigid is still with the ambulance driver. There are two Brigids. The one who killed the driver, Mayhem, says, “Well, I guess the cat’s out of the bag.”


Now that’s a cliffhanger. The show did a great job catching us off guard. There were moments where the episode would back up to a previous event and show what happened from another’s perspective. That’s what made the part where Tyrone found Brigid in her apartment confusing until the end scene. We knew Brigid was going to become Mayhem, but we didn’t know Mayhem and Brigid would be separate.

If you haven’t watched it, check out what Emma Lahana said about Mayhem and the season.

This new development definitely changes things. What does it mean that there are now two separate Brigids running around? Lahana describe her character as being in a Jeckyll and Hyde situation. This adds a new twist. She also said by the end of episode three, we’ll find out how O’Reilly is evolving this season.

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