Cloak & Dagger Season 2, Episode 1 “Restless Energy” Recap And Review

It’s been eight months since we last saw Cloak and Dagger take down Roxxon and save the day at the end of Season 1. Eight months have passed in the show as well. You can find out information about the new season by watching interviews with the cast and executive producer at WonderCon.

The duo may have put a stop to Roxxon’s evil machinations, but it hasn’t been all fun and games for the two since. We quickly get caught up with what’s been going on in their lives and what new danger is headed their way in the second season’s first episode. Plus, we find out what happened to Detective Brigid O’Reilly after she escaped death last season.

Warning: There will definitely be spoilers for Season 2, Episode 1 of Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger, “Restless Energy,” below.

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Tyrone On The Run & Taking Down Drug Dealers

Tyrone is still on the run and living in the church, where Tandy used to live, after he was accused of killing police officer Fuchs. Still wanting to do the right thing, he follows some drug dealers back to their place and takes their drugs and money. He later teleports into the back of Brigid O’Reilly’s car to hand over the liberated goods. O’Reilly isn’t pleased with his actions and tells him he’s caused an uproar while also giving a rival gang the upper hand. Instead of doing good, he’s creating more tension on the streets.

Tandy Takes Ballet And Mends Fences With Her Mom

Tandy has returned to taking ballet lessons. Her teacher is pretty hard on her since she’s “new” to the class. When not doing ballet, she attends group therapy sessions for survivors of abuse with her mother, Melissa. During a meeting, Melissa mentions she read that daughters with abusive fathers find abusive partners. She lied to Tandy about her dad in the hopes of breaking the cycle. During this meeting, a new girl named Mikayla, catches Tandy’s attention.

What About Detective O’Reilly?

Brigid isn’t doing so great after getting shot and dumped by Conners (who is still missing after getting sucked into Tyrone’s cloak). At the shooting range, her aim is completely off. She’s suffering fro PTSD and is taking drugs pretty liberally. She seems paranoid and is constantly looking over her shoulder. When Tyrone appeared in the back of her car with the drugs and money, she was startled and angry with him.

Movie Night At The Church

At the abandoned church Tandy used to live in, Tyrone is looking at a map of the city when Tandy arrives for movie night. They catch up, and Tandy starts telling Tyrone about her day and session when he teleports, with ease, to fix the projector screen. She’s impressed that he’s been practicing. Tandy also brings him an AP Physics book and a digital recorder so he can study since he is unable to return to school. They watch an old Zorro movie because that’s what he used to watch his parents and brother.

Tyrone and Tandy Are Stalkers?

Tyrone watches his mother as she comes home while sitting in a tree across the street. Then he watches Evita while she’s at school. Tandy does some stalking of her own and watches over Mikayla’s place where her boyfriend yells at her. Mikayla leaves and Tandy enters the house after he passes out on the couch. She uses a light dagger to carve “Leave her alone” on the wall and slashes up his furniture.

Tyrone is frustrated and restless sitting in the church and decides to hit the rival drug dealing gang. This time he gets caught stealing their drugs and money. Luckily Tandy shows up to save him. She knew where he was because she went to the church and found his map of the city with locations marked. Tandy gets mad at him for not telling her what he was up to. Tyrone points out she’s been lying as well by following some lady to her house. He reminds her he’s been keeping tabs on everyone he cares about and that includes her. She leaves.

Tyrone And Tandy Go Clubbin’

Tyrone finds Tandy practicing alone at the ballet studio and apologizes. He thanks her for saving him and tells her he needs her help. He overheard Brigid talking about the rival gangs arranging a mediation in the back of a club. Posing as boyfriend/girlfriend, the two go to the club and plant the digital recorder in the meeting room. As they wait for the meeting to end so they can retrieve the recorder, one gang member’s head smashes against the frosted window of the door. Something bad is going down inside.


The premiere episode may not be super-action packed, but it does serve to remind us how great of characters Tandy and Tyrone are. Despite what the two have been through, they can’t help but want to help others. They’re also both angry at the world. Tyrone is trying to clean up the streets and is accidentally making things worse. Tandy realizes she isn’t quite over the fact that her father wasn’t quite the man she thought he was.

This is one of the things the show does really well. Being abused is a serious topic. The show manages to deal with the issue in a realistic way. Tandy’s anger shows it’s not something that easily dealt with.

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With the two coming together for a common mission at the end, this gives viewers what they want. Cloak and Dagger, together, can accomplish great things. It may have seemed like they were simply going to record a meeting, get the recorder, and leave. They’re about to find out there is something bigger going on. Which is seen in the immediately following second episode (and next post here).

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