Justice League Vs The Fatal Five Interviews From WonderCon

The latest DC/Warner Bros. Home Entertainment release features the return of the Justice League we know and love. The movie also features time traveling menaces from the future and reluctant new heroes such as Starboy and Jessica Cruz.

The movie is currently available on Digital with a 4K Ultra HD and Blu-ray release on April 16.

Returning from their roles in Justice League/Justice League Unlimited are Kevin Conroy as Batman, Susan Eisenberg as Wonder Woman, and George Newbern as Superman. The movie was written by Jim Krieg, Eric Carrasco, and Alan Burnett.

Here’s the original trailer:

To find out more, check out the interviews below from WonderCon.

Writers Jim Krieg and Eric Carrasco on the inspiration behind the story.

Kevin Conroy on voicing Batman and Bruce Wayne.

George Newbern on returning to voice Superman.

Susan Eisenberg as the definitive Wonder Woman.

Elyes Gabel as Thomas Kallor/Starboy.

Philip Anthony-Rodriguez as Mano.

Daniela Bobadilla on voicing Miss Martian.

Director Sam Liu talks directing this movie along with other ones in various stages.

If you’ve been wanting more from the Bruce Timmverse and have been looking for something to satisfy your nostalgia hunger, you’ll want to check out Justice League vs The Fatal Five.

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