Cloak & Dagger Season 2, Episode 4 “Rabbit Hold” Recap And Review

Last week, a second person was sucked into Tyrone’s cloak. The problem is, Tandy and Tyrone need this person to save all the missing girls in the area, and there may only be one solution to the problem. Also, some dangerous consequences are headed Tyrone’s way after his actions last week.

Warning: There will definitely be spoilers for Season 2, Episode 4 of Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger, “Rabbit Hold,” below.

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Tandy Enters The Cloak

Tyrone and Tandy are back at the church following their encounter with the Uptown gang and Mayhem’s shooting spree. Tyrone explains he doesn’t know what happened to Mayhem after she was pulled into his cloak and confesses this is what happened to Detective Connors. Tandy is mad he never said anything or tried to find him. Instead, he’s been living in the abandoned church for months, away from his family. Tyorne explains his concern over finding Conners and not being able to protect his family in the same way he couldn’t protect his older brother.

Tandy decides she needs to go inside to find Mayhem. They need her to save the other missing girls being used for a sex trafficking ring.

There’s a Mall Inside the Cloak?

Tandy walks through the darkness and soon finds the gas station Mayhem found. It’s a Roxxon station and lying on the ground is Tyrone, as a kid. It’s not really Tyrone. He goes by many names including He Who Stands At The Crossroads. He tells her Mayhem won’t be able to leave on her own since she’s only half a person. He then steers her towards what appears to be a mall. Inside, Tandy finds Mayhem.

In a sporting goods store, they see signs that someone has been living there for months. Tandy finds Conners’ badge and gets Mayhem to leave. Mayhem notices things have changed inside the mall since she first arrived. They enter a record store where all the albums have pictures of the missing girls. There is still the question of who is taking the girls and paying the private ambulances to transport them. Tandy then sees a section of records with her name on it.

Playing some of the records, each has a memory from her childhood. In each, her parents are arguing in the background. Her father’s yelling seems to get worse with each memory. Smashing the last record, Tandy discovers that Mayhem is no longer in the record store with her.

Tyrone Visits His Mom

While Mayhem is stuck inside the cloak, Brigid is at the police station with the surviving gang members. One of them sees a wanted picture of Tyrone and he recognizes him. Asking for his phone call, he tells another member what Tyrone’s name is. Brigid soon realizes he must have seen the nearby poster and warns Tyrone there is one address on record.

Tyrone has no choice but to go home. His mom is there alone and upon hearing him in the house, she immediately goes for a gun kept in a drawer. Seeing it’s Tyrone, she’s relieved but confused why he’s still in New Orleans. He doesn’t have time to explain as a car full of gang members pull up to the house. Tyrone tries teleporting the two but is unable to. They have to leave through the back.

They end up in another abandoned building but are followed by the gang member Tyrone saved when Mayhem was shooting their place up. He calls the other members, but Tyrone and his mom are able to convince him to help. Using the kid’s phone, Tyrone calls Brigid to bring the police. Tyrone is going to turn himself in so his mom can be saved.

Showdown in the Mall

Mayhem finds Conners. She wraps a rope around his neck and starts hanging him. Tandy comes in and tries hitting Mayhem but is shoved aside. Tandy wants Conners to live so Tyrone can be exonerated. Tandy makes a light dagger to cut down Conners. The problem is Tandy broke the rules and wasn’t supposed to use her powers when she was pointed in Mayhem’s direction. The place starts shaking.

Just as Tyrone is about to be spotted by several armed police officers, he ends up at the church along with Tandy. They hear a crash and see Conners leaving through a broken window. Tyrone asks what happened and Tandy realizes she still has Conners’ badge.


This week delivered another great episode. Thinking back over each episode, it’s always a bit of a surprise realizing there isn’t always a lot of heavy action yet the show grabs your attention. We get a lot of character development without the show feeling like it’s just concentrating on trying to flesh out the characters.

Each week I’m amazed at the relationship and connection between Tandy and Tyrone. Circumstances haven’t allowed the two to have an enormous amount of time together, but you can feel how important they are each other. Even with the current “disagreement” over whether or not Mayhem has the right idea in taking out the bad guys, you can see there is a deep level of respect between them.

Seeing the “inside” of Tyrone’s cloak was fascinating. Where exactly were they? We have a lot to process with the scene at the record store and what it means for Tandy. It’s also not clear what happened to Mayhem. Tandy and Conners were pulled out, but we didn’t see any sign of Mayhem. With the gang members also knowing Tyrone’s name, he won’t be able to operate as easily as he has been.

Cloak & Dagger continues to be a fascinating “superhero” show that stands apart from the others. The two have amazing abilities, but seeing who they are and what they have to say is becoming much more interesting in each episode. You can’t help but want to root for them.

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