Mystery Art Challenge – Todd Nauck Draws The Key To Thanos’ Happiness

It’s time for the Mysterious Art Combo or the Mystery Art Challenge. The idea is, a comic book artist takes the challenge of drawing a character with a random object. The challenge is, they don’t know which character or what the object will be until the camera starts rolling. Then it’s a matter of coming up with a cool concept to make the drawing really cool.

At WonderCon 2019, veteran Mystery Art Challenge artist Todd Nauck was eager to take the challenge while dressed as Peter B. Parker from Into the Spider-Verse. Perhaps this helped him survive Thanos’ finger snap. The challenge was Thanos and a cookie. This could hold the key to making Thanos happy.

Be sure to follow Todd on Instagram and Twitter. Let him know what you think of his amazing art.

If you want to see the previous installment, you can it here. More Mystery Art Challenge videos can be found on YouTube.

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