Cloak & Dagger Season 2, Episode 5 “Alignment Chart” Recap And Review

In the previous episode, we got a look inside Tyrone’s cloak. Unfortunately, when Tandy exited, she wasn’t alone. Now the two are about to take on separate missions as they have different priorities and circumstances are causing tensions between them.

Warning: There will definitely be spoilers for Season 2, Episode 5 of Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger, “Alignment Chart,” below.

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Tyrone Gets Some Surprising Help

Tyrone isn’t happy that Connors came out of the cloak with Tandy. Tandy has to leave because her mom’s been trying to contact her while she was inside. Ty tries getting help from Brigid, but she can’t says she can’t. Since Mayhem has arrived, Brigid isn’t the person she used to be.

Later, after several unanswered texts to Tandy, Tyrone creates a prayer symbol on the floor of the church using gun powder from bullets in the hopes of being able to teleport to where Connors is in order to get justice.

He appears in front of him at the docks. Connors has been waiting for him and pulls a gun he retrieved from a secret stash. It’s the gun that killed Tyrone’s brother, Billy. Connors then surprises Tyrone by claiming he wants to help Tyrone put himself behind bars and offers more evidence that could be used against him. His time in the cloak forced him to think about all the lies he spewed along with the pain and misery he inflicted upon others.

Tyrone takes Connors to where his dad is staying. He finally agrees to listen as Connors explains how his uncle has a lot of power and influence in the area. Even if he confessed to everything, his uncle would make sure he wasn’t indicted. He reveals there is a secret file with incriminating information his uncle is keeping at a club. Tyrone manages to get the file, with some help from Brigid who has found some courage after being reminded of her boyfriend’s murder.

When Tyrone discovers the file is missing, he grabs Connors, takes him to the church, and starts hitting him since he believed Connors was running a scam on him. Getting another vision, he realizes he’s not the one to judge Connors and takes him to his mom.

Tandy The Vigilante

After having an argument with her mom, Tandy heads to the support center. She talks to Andre, who mentions the missing girls she and Tyrone saved. Some of them talked about a “girl who looked like an angel” and a “boy who moves like a shadow.” She wants to try talking to any of them to see if they have any more information on who abducted them, but Andre says that’s not possible. He hints that Lia, the other counselor, might know something.

Tandy talks to Lia and makes up story about an ex-boyfriend who was trouble. Lia says she can relate and isn’t proud of some of the things she’s done. It’s decided Tandy should confront and say goodbye to her “ex.” Asking Lia to be nearby, Tandy asks Tyrone to meet her. When he notices someone watching them, Tandy finally admits that she thinks Lia’s ex could give her a lead on who’s abducting the girls. Tyrone is upset that she just wanted to use him because he was black and storms off.

Seeing what appeared to be an argument, Lia shares details about her ex. He was into drugs and had her get involved. Lia says he might even know who supplied the drugs for the abducted girls. Tandy then follows up on Lia’s ex. Going to his place, he attacks her with a pickaxe. She slices it in half with a light dagger, and two others show up to join the fight. Lia’s ex sprays Tandy with pepper spray, but Tandy creates a light that blinds the attackers. She then forcefully asks Lia’s ex about the girls. He says he doesn’t know anything.

Outside, Lia shows up, telling Tandy she had a feeling she might try something. She seems touched that Tandy would confront the guy for Lia. Momentarily distracted by a siren, Lia uses a taser on Tandy as an ambulance pulls up to take her away.


This week’s episode took an interesting approach. Having things start out with Tandy telling a “story” which mirrored the current events was a nice change of pace. As the narration portions would pop in, we were left wondering who exactly was she telling the story to, and when is the telling actually taking place? Is it just a vision, or is there more to it? Will it actually happen?

Another change in the episode resulted from the slight difference of opinion between Tandy and Tyrone. They’ve already shown how close they are to each other and how much they care. It’s actually hard seeing them upset with each other. Even when they part, they’re still on good terms. This further illustrates their closeness and maturity. Being apart on separate “missions” also allowed the scenes to flip back and forth rapidly. This added to the viewing tension as Tandy and Tyrone’s stories were amping up.

With Tandy’s abduction, we could assume Tandy should be able to get out of this mess. Hopefully she won’t need Tyrone or Brigid to “save” her. She’s proven how capable she is, especially when taking on three drug runners after getting maced. The only problem is she has been drugged and will not be completely coherent.

The big question is: Where is Mayhem? She didn’t make it out of the cloak. She’s probably still stuck in the Darkforce dimension. We saw how being trapped there changed Connors. What would it do for Mayhem, who may not be redeemable?

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