Unboxing: Funko Stan Lee (Patina)

If you’re like everyone else and are still missing Stan Lee, Funko has just released a new Pop Icons figure to help out. The price of past Stan Lee merchandise has increased with his passing, and it’s been hard to track down any of the previous Stan Lee Funko Pops without paying a small fortune. The new patina version should be relatively easy to find online before they all end up on eBay.

This is my first patina Funko Pop. I’m not the biggest fan of the patina or chrome figures, but as a memorial of sorts for Stan, it seems like a good fit. Check it out.

If you’re looking for a patina Stan Lee, you can try the following links, while they’re in stock: Amazon, GameStop, Entertainment Earth (pre-order and Not Mint), etc.

Let me know what you think of the figure, the patinas in general, and the bonus figure in the video.

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