Best Stuff In Comics This Week

There’s a crazy amount of comics released each week. Here’s a look at some of the strangest, coolest, and funniest things you might have missed in last week’s comics. These examples should give you more of a reason to pick up these titles at your local comic shop. You can also find more current and past examples on the Best Stuff Instagram page.

There may be some minor spoilers below.

Champions #5

Best Hug

Kamala Khan has been feeling a little down with her original teammates scattered. With the War of the Realms underway, she and newer members of the Champions get some assist from the older version of Cyclops.

After the little battle, she tries explaining how even though he doesn’t know her, she was teammates with the younger (and time-displaced) version. Scott surprises her by telling her he remembers the missions and fun times. It turns out when the younger version went back to his own time, all his memories got added to the adult version.

Batman #70

Best Batman ’66 Reference

Batman is making his way through the inmates at Arkham Asylum in order to get to Bane. After a confrontation with Calendar Man, the villain says, the closing line to the classic Adam West TV show.

Cosmic Ghost Rider Destroys Marvel History #3

Best New Outfit For Frank Castle

Cosmic Ghost Rider (Frank Castle from the far, far future) has traveled back in time and is telling stories to his daughter under the guise of being Frank’s long lost uncle. He tells her about the time he was with the X-Men and was “seduced” by the Hellfire Club into being their Black Queen. It’s definitely an interesting look for Frank.

DCeased #1

Worst Moment In Batman’s Life (This Week)

When a deadly virus is unleashed on Earth and 600 million people are infected, it’s likely some of the best heroes are going to be among those who have gone through some changes. Batman was able to protect himself and his system in the Batcave, but the same can’t be said for his former wards. Imagine how horrific it must be for Batman to have to face his infected loved ones.

War Of The Realms #3

Best New Avengers Squad

Who would’ve thought we’d ever see the WAR Avengers? With the attack on Earth, it’s become a necessity. Seeing these heroes gathered makes you want to see more of them in action.

DC Year Of The Villain #1

Best Reason The Heroes In The DC Universe Are In Trouble

Lex Luthor has apparently come up with the ultimate plan against the heroes. It seems he’s liquidated all his assets and is dispersing it to all the villains on Earth. The plan calls for them to have everything they need in order to “finish off their hero once and for all.” If they really wanted to commit a vengeful act, they’d pool their resources and take out each others enemies, right?

Remember when Lex turned good for a little bit? I guess evil really is forever.

Best New Roster For The Justice League

The Justice League has been dealing with a cosmic threat lately. Looks like they’re going to have to call in everyone to deal with it.

Sounds good to me if it means seeing Francis Manapul draw all the characters.

Savage Avengers #1

Strangest Confrontation You Never Thought You’d See

Conan the Barbarian vs. Wolverine? You might not be ready for this one.

Young Justice #5

Best Remembered Past

How the heck does Tim Drake remember Young Justice? You find out how in this issue. Thank goodness he remembers.

Hashtag: Danger #1

Best Reason Not To Give A Baby Yeti Beer

Baby yetis are cute. They’re even cuter holding and drinking a beer. No matter how cute it may be, too much beer is not a good thing.

Harley Quinn #61

Best Description Of How Arkham Asylum Smells

While reading comics, there are just some things you don’t really think about. Who would have ever wondered what Arkham Asylum might smell like? Why would anyone want to know? Good news if you have ever wanted to know. Harley describes it as “wet socks and unpasteurized cheeses.” It’s just another reason not to commit crimes or become criminally insane in Gotham City.

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That’s it for this week. Be sure to pick up these comics at your local comic shop, if you haven’t already if any of these moments strikes your fancy.

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