Cloak & Dagger Season 2, Episode 7 “Vikingtown Sound” Recap And Review

Last week Tandy and Tyrone went off on separate missions. While tracking down a lead on the sex trafficking abductors, Tandy ended up getting blindsided. With no way to track her down, Tyrone has to figure out what to do next as the new threat makes another move.

Warning: There will definitely be spoilers for Season 2, Episode 7 of Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger, “Vikingtown Sound,” below.

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Tandy wakes up in a room at the Viking Motel. Andre feeds off the despair of the abducted girls to quell the intense migraines he suffered from. When she asks where Tyrone is, Andre lies and says he’s “dead.” Tandy tries distracting him so she can use a light dagger on him but discovers her powers won’t work without any hope. When Lia enters with another girl, Tandy discovers the other girl doesn’t want to try to leave. Lia explains the motel is filled with people who don’t think they have any loved ones. No one is going to save them or Tandy.

Later, Tandy escapes through the bathroom window. She almost makes it to a bus at the street but is grabbed by a big goon. They tell her now she is going to get punished for breaking the rules. They drug Tandy again, and Lia talks about playing dress up as a child as she puts a new outfit on Tandy. Still unable to move, Tandy can only wait in the room until she receives a “visitor.”

Tyrone Searches For Tandy

Tyrone searches the offices at the center and runs into Andre. Tyrone explains he’s looking for his friend and mentions Tandy’s name when asked. Andre lies and says he knows Tandy pretty well and she never mentioned anyone with his description. As Tyrone leaves, he puts out his hand to shake in order to come into contact with Andre.

Tyrone pulls his hand away as Andre is now also in the record store in the Darkforce Dimension. He puts on a record labeled “Tandy + Tyrone” with “Tandy Does Not Care About You” on the flip side. Andre tells him they’re from different worlds, and Tandy is a white privileged girl who takes what she wants. His time searching for her might be better spent thinking about life without her. This is having an affect and Tyrone walks away saying, “Maybe you’re right.”

Andre Seeks A Permanent Cure

Andre pays a visit to Evita’s aunt, Chantelle. Lying, he says Tyrone suggested he go there for a migraine remedy. Chantelle is aware Andre is going through a change. He is on the cusp of becoming a god (or Loa). Seeing through his false friendly demeanor, Chantelle doesn’t offer much help. Andre grabs her hand, and she’s transported to the record store.

It turns out, Mayhem is still lurking around the Darkforce mall. When Andre left, she changed Tyrone’s records and broke him out of his funk. When he threatens Chantelle, she’s about to make a move, but Chantelle motions her to stand down. After Andre leaves again, Mayhem smashes several records.

Tyrone’s Mom And Connors

Adina cooks while Connor is tied to a chair in her kitchen. She cooks as she tries to figure out what to do with him. She wants to believe that Connors now wants to help Tyrone, but he’s also responsible for killing her first born. She finally asks him where Billy’s body is. She just wants to bury him properly. He tells her and Adina seems ready to believe his intentions.

Tandy’s Fate

While Tandy was unable to move from her bed, she tries convincing the other girl to leave. The girl says that if they try leaving, they’ll get killed. There was a bunch of other girls meant to come and were all killed. Tandy realizes these are the girls she and Tyrone saved. When the girl doesn’t believe Tandy could do that on her own, Tandy says she had help from the best friend a girl could ever hope for.

Tyrone spray paints a giant symbol on a rooftop in order to teleport where he’s needed. He appears in front of the ambulance driver who drove Tandy to the motel and forces him to tell him where she is.

Later when the girls are doing laundry, the one girl steals the goon’s cellphone. Lia catches her with the phone, but it’s too late. She already called her mom and discovered she was still putting up fliers in the hopes of finding her. Lia tries saying they’re her family and without them, she has nothing. The girl says Lia’s wrong, she has hope.

A dude enters Tandy’s room and puts money on the nightstand. He moves towards Tandy, but now that there’s hope nearby, she’s able to create a light dagger. Tandy takes out the guy and saves the girl from Lia’s clutches. Tyrone and the ambulance crash through the courtyard, and Tyrone does some fancy teleport-punching in order to take out the goon. Tandy and Tyrone are reunited at last…until Tyrone collapses and the room goes dark.


This show keeps getting better and better. With the subplot of sex-trafficking, it’s becoming a more powerful show. We often see different programs take on these serious topics, but Cloak & Dagger is handling it in an intelligent way. It never feels like the show is trying to exploit an issue or make a PSA out of it.

When Tandy finds herself pretty much frozen on the bed because of the drugs, you can’t help but get an excruciatingly sick feeling in the pit of your stomach. We’ve come to care so much for Tandy (and Tyrone). The thought of any physical or emotional harm coming to them is unbearable. The way the scene plays out is tasteful but with a disgusting undertone. It was a little emotional when Tandy and Tyrone came face to face again.

It’s unclear what will happen to Connors. The same goes with Mayhem. It’s been a little weird how she’s been sidelined since she got stuck in the Darkforce Dimension. At least she’s still doing some good by helping deal with Andre’s records and the control they have over Tandy and Tyrone.

Now we have to wait a week for the next episode. While you’ll want to immediately find out what happens next, having the week to recuperate has become necessary.

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