Cloak And Dagger Season 2, Episode 10 “Level Up” Recap And Review

Last week Tandy and Tyrone raced to find Andre and put an end to his scheme of feeding off the despair of others in order to become a god. It appeared as if they put a stop to him, but with Andre’s music still playing and his victims having disappeared, it might be too late to stop him.

Warning: There will definitely be spoilers for Season 2, Episode 10 of Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger, “Level Up,” below.

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Where Did Andre Go?

Evita holds a deck of cards as Tandy and Tyrone enter her place.

Tandy and Tyrone see Andre’s body lying on the ground with his trumpet next to him, yet they can still hear his music playing. All of his victims present while he was playing disappeared after the two attacked him. Other people around the city are also disappearing and reappearing inside a jazz club in the Darkforce Dimension with Andre playing on stage.

They have no choice but to ask Evita for help once again. Tyrone is hesitant since they haven’t spoken since she had to marry a loa in order to rescue Ty from the Darkforce Dimension. Evita tries reading tarot cards but can’t figure out how to stop Andre. Tandy and Tyrone will have to go where others cannot–inside the Darkforce Dimension. At the abandoned church, Evita nails down Ty’s cloak and tells him to open a portal after he removes himself from it. She lights a candle and says the doorway is on a timer. If the candle goes out before they exit, they could get stuck inside.

Back Inside The Darkforce

As the two walk up to the Roxxon gas station inside the Darkforce Dimension, things have changed. The place is trashed, Papa Legba is nowhere to be seen, and the viewfinder which shows the “way” to the mall and Andre’s record store is destroyed. Tandy starts getting frustrated and says they need a hero. She doesn’t think she’s strong enough. Tyrone reassures her and reminds her she’s “Tandy Frickin’ Bowen–master thief, kick-ass ballerina, manipulator of light, and harbinger of hope.” He encourages her to make a prayer symbol on the ground with a bunch of pennies, and they are soon able to get to the mall.

Inside the record store, they enter the open door and find Andre on stage in the jazz club with his victims sitting in the audience like zombies, including Tandy’s mom. Andre notices them and sends Tandy away to a figment of her house. Tyrone tries going after her and ends up at his house. Tandy expects to find her mom there, but it’s her dad who shows up. Tyrone expects to see Billy but instead finds a sassy “perfect” version of himself.

Tandy and Tyrone have heated discussions with their opponents. They manage to exit their surroundings and decide to switch partners. Andre stops Tandy before she can put an end to the evil Tyrone, and makes them fight their own fears again. Eventually they start using words over violence. Tandy tells her dad the things he did won’t define her. They’ll affect her but only as much as she lets them. Tyrone tells his doppelgänger he’s been fighting to be perfect his whole life.

Fighting In The Church

Evita watches over the candle that is acting as a timer for the portal to the Darkforce Dimension inside the abandoned church.

After Tyrone and Tandy enter the portal to the Darkforce Dimension, it starts getting dark and windy in the church. Evita cups her hands around the candle to protect the flame as a shadowy figure approaches from behind. Thankfully, Brigid/Mayhem arrives to slam the creature across the church. More figures appear and Mayhem has to fight three helmeted figures. One removes his helmet to reveal her dead boyfriend Fuchs. Knowing it’s not really him, she continues to fight.

Final Battle

Tyrone manages to make it back to Andre in the jazz club. He comments on the fact that Tandy isn’t around, and that they’re out of tricks. Tyrone says they have one more and teleports in front of him while Tandy jumps out of his cloak with a giant light sword. This time, the light has an affect on him. Next he’s sitting in a room surrounded by records with his name. Tandy puts on the one he “played the most” and talks about the pain he put on everyone else. He starts to shed tears as the record plays, and Tandy scratches it with a light dagger, forcing the record to get stuck in a skipping loop.

Tandy and Tyrone exit the Darkforce Dimension. They tell Mayhem they’ll need help from a cop. Evita leaves without saying a word to Tyrone. Tyrone’s parents watch the news as Connors’ senator uncle is arrested. Lia is forced to do community clean-up. Father Delgado is dressed and ready to go back to his faith. Mayhem hangs Connors dead body in the police station shooting range with a sign taped to him that says “guilty.”

The final scene has Tandy sitting on a bus. Tyrone shows up and sits next to her. They got information from Mayhem about a bunch of dead girls found on the beach outside the city. Tandy says she’s never been anywhere before and wonders if they can do it–if they can be heroes. Tyrone answers with another question: Waffles or pancakes. She says waffles and they hold hands as they did when they pretended to be a couple in the club earlier this season.


Tyrone and Tandy walk through the eerily light hallway of the "mall" inside the Darkforce Dimension.

Once again, the show forces your emotions to come pouring out. Overall, Andre was a decent villain for the season. The abduction and victimization of women is a serious topic. Despite Andre feeding on the despair of others to get rid of his migraines, it’s the severity of the crime that made his feel like a despicable bad guy.

With some good action moments and character development and growth of the supporting characters (like Mayhem and Evita), the true shining aspect of the show is Tandy and Tyrone’s relationship. Olivia Holt and Aubrey Joseph have been killing it week after week with their stellar performances in the roles. The two have such a deep connection and has nothing to do with the typical character romance seen way too often on other shows.

These two build each other up like no one else can. They truly are stronger together. This isn’t to see they are weak or dependent on each other in order to define themselves. They have each done amazing things on their own. Together, they’re unstoppable. They could go after jaywalkers in the next season, and it’d still be a joy to see them together. Hopefully that won’t be who they go up against and hopefully we’ll hear the official word on a third season very soon.

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