Lois Lane #1 Preview

It is happening again. Lois Lane is finally getting her own series. While she did have an ongoing series, Superman’s Girl Friend Lois Lane, from 1958 to 1974, that series tended to get pretty wacky. A common focus of the series was showing how determined Lois was in trying to get Superman to be her boyfriend. The character has way more potential than that.

This summer, Lois is finally getting the series she deserves.

DC Comics has released a preview for the new 12-issue Lois Lane maxiseries. The series will be written by Greg Rucka with art by Mike Perkins. She played a big role in current stories as well as Superman: Leviathan Rising #1 and Event Leviathan #1, which deals with a big and dark secret looming within the DC Universe.

After attending a press conference in Washington D.C., Lois will hit the road to uncover the truth behind an international conspiracy.

The idea of Lois getting her own proper series is something I’ve been asking for since 2010. I previously wrote the following back then:

“We have so many superhero comics and a Lois Lane comic could bring something different. Let’s see Lois go after the big stories that other reporters are afraid to cover. There is so much corruption hidden in the bowels of the DC Universe that Lois would have no problem keeping busy. We could see Lois trying to go behind the scenes and uncover the secrets of the DC Universe and have the occasional cameo appearance by Superman and other random characters. Since she’s supposed to be such a great and prize-winning journalist, let’s see her prove that.”

We’ll find out what happens when Lois Lane #1 goes on sale July 3, 2019. Along with Rucka and Perkins, Paul Mounts will provide the color with Simon Bowland lettering the series. Let’s hope this maxiseries can evolve into an actual ongoing series.

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