Review: Lois Lane #1 By Greg Rucka And Mike Perkins

After far too many years, Lois Lane has her own comic book once again. Throughout comic history, Lois has proven how important she is to Superman’s character. She even first appeared in the very same issue where the Man of Steel made his debut. Despite this, she’s never really been allowed to grow or shine on her own. She’s often been delegated to being a feisty reporter or just Superman’s girlfriend. That is so far from the truth.

With Greg Rucka helming the twelve-issue maxi-series, we’re about to see just how much Lois is capable of doing and stirring up as she sets out to uncover the dark truths in the DC Universe.

Lois Lane #1 cover by Mike Perkins.

Determined to expose the lies, Lois is in full investigative mode. She’s removed herself from Metropolis in order to free herself from any distractions. More importantly, it helps remove Lois from Superman’s shadow.

While Superman does make an appearance here, it’s a minor role. Superman is capable of flying anywhere in the world within moments so he could easily pop in for a visit. Lois holing up in a hotel in Chicago takes her away from the rest of the DC Universe. It almost feels like most stories in the DCU take place in either Metropolis or Gotham. From the opening pages, this comic immediately has and maintains a separate feel from other books.

Mike Perkins magnificently depicts Lois typing up a story over two pages. There may be a Superman connection, but this isn’t a superhero book. Readers shouldn’t expect bit action scenes with musclebound characters beating each other up. That’s what makes Perkins’ art more intriguing. The visuals play a crucial role in moving the story along. The visuals pull you into the story, and you never feel like your reading pages of people talking. You get a sense right away that the world is happening over the course of the pages.

Adding to the visuals are Paul Mounts’ colors. We get a mix of environments consisting of a messy hotel room, a dark parking garage, a brightly lit outdoor coffee break, a clandestine secret meeting, and even a scene in the shower. Each place has its own vibe going on. Mounts’ colors bring each moment to life. And don’t worry, Lois won’t be spending all her time in a hotel room in Chicago. She’s definitely on the move as the story takes us to different locations.

The comic also picks up on some story points started in the pages of Superman and Action Comics. In particular, we see some of the ramifications of Superman deciding to scoop up Lois and give her a passionate kiss in public after she had been off planet. Needless to say, the public hasn’t been kind to the fact that Lois was seen making out with Superman when she’s supposed to be married to Clark Kent.

Lois Lane #1 variant cover by Jenny Frison.

The important thing about this series is the fact it shows what Lois is capable of. In many ways, she is also a hero in the DC Universe. She may not have a cape or superpowers, but she is not afraid to take on the evil forces trying to hide behind the lies. You may get a sense of a situation being “ripped from the headlines, ” but it’s a great example of what Lois would try to uncover and who she would fight for. There are some horrible things going on, and they don’t all have to involve hyper-intelligent aliens or life-energy sucking lab accidents.

Lois Lane is the comic readers and the DC Universe needs. Neglected for too long, Lois is finally able to venture out and uncover the lies that others are not able or willing to reveal. The first issue shows what the investigative journalist is able to do and how she is able to utilize resources to get the job done. Lois is simple a force to be reckoned with. Rucka, Perkins, and Mounts do a fantastic job showcasing her mission to uncover the hidden truths and the fact that she is not afraid of making powerful enemies. Don’t miss out on this book.

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