Agents Of SHIELD Season 6, Episode 8 “Collision Course (Part I)” Recap And Review

Last week we saw how circumstances lead to Fitz and Simmons finding a way back to Earth. At the same time, it appeared SHIELD managed to capture the Coulson look-alike only to have a new threat possibly give him the upper hand.

Warning: There will definitely be spoilers for Season 6, Episode 8 of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, “Collision Course (Part I),” below.

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Fitz And Simmons Are Coming Home

Fitz isn’t sure if the ship they’re on can handle the hyper-jump. He figures they have a fifty-fifty chance but should go for it since he’s tired of being in space. As they make their approach, Izel heads off to another part of the ship and hums to a baby shrike she’s holding in the palm of her hand. It seems she may be the “monster” Sarge has been talking about. The one crew guy eating the funky candy comes across them and admires the little creature. It then flies into his mouth and crawls inside him. Izel smiles at this.

Izel later tells Fitz and Simmons she’s envious they’ll be returning home. She won’t be able to return to her world. The items she’s looking for are made of stone and were taken years ago. Fitz starts talking about the monoliths, but Simmons cuts him off and says she heard they were on the Chronicom homeworld. Izel continues explaining they were created to connect life together. Someone not caring about that murdered her crew because she knows what this person really is. She’s obviously referring to Sarge.

What Exactly Is Sarge’s Plan?

Sarge makes his demands again. He wants his truck and crew in order to stop “it” and the end of the world. A beast will appear at a certain location, and he wants to kill it. Mack tells him he’ll only get one of his crew, and Daisy and May will join him. Sarge picks Snowflake then says he needs Pax to fix a device that will repel the shrikes. Mack ends up convincing Deke to go along. Mack promises Sarge they’ll stay at their headquarters but plans to follow in the Zephyr since it’s their mobile HQ.

On the drive, Snowflake sets her sights on Deke, saying he appears to have a beautiful soul, and she wants to see it spill out. Sarge has Daisy sit up front in the truck with him as extra eyes since May knocked him out last time she was up there. Daisy tries talking to him about the fact he has the same DNA as Coulson, and they’re the same on a molecular level. Sarge doesn’t care and doesn’t want to be distracted. He just wants to kill her. He also mentions she has a name–“Izel.”

Doctor Benson Uncovers Some History Of The Monoliths

Benson sends some of his findings to Mack. His search for information has taken him all over the place. He sends an image of an old circular symbol with a woman in the center. The name “Izel” is mentioned, and apparently thousands of years ago she escaped from a realm of fear and darkness. She tried tracking down some relics–the monoliths, and left a path of destruction while destroying worlds in the search.

Sarge Unleashes His Plan

Sarge mentions the closest they came to stopping Izel was on Chronica II. They took out her crew, but then she was gone. By the time they got to the planet, it was already on the way to being destroyed. Sarge reveals Izel took his family away from him. He won’t stop until he puts an end to her.

The scanner goes off and it seems “the end” has started. Several people gather in the middle of a field and suddenly the sharp crystalized spikes shoot out of their bodies. This continues and creates a large tower. This can see this from afar in the truck. Sarge says they’ll pull their power from Earth. When it’s done, the tower will erupt into a swarm of shrikes who will consume the planet.

Sarge arms the weapon, puts the truck on autopilot, and heads into the back. He finds Snowflake tied to a chair because Mack called to warn them after they managed to get some answers from Pax. On board the Zephyr, he was freaking out that they were heading into a blast area. It seems there is a bomb on the truck that will leave a crater 200 miles wide. When Izel lands, Sarge wants to blow her up along with her ship and the tower. He’s not concerned that they are outside a city and hundreds of thousands will end up in the blast radius.

He tells Daisy not to use her quake powers because the bomb is sensitive and makes his escape back into the driving compartment, locking the door behind him. Sarge climbs out of the truck and uses a teleporting ring on top of the truck. The other ring is in the inside of Jaco’s coat, which is on the floor in the Zephyr.

Deke apologizes to Snowflake and sets her free. It seems the two have gotten close during the trip, and she helps them look for the bomb. They eventually find it, and it’s not clear whether or not Deke will be able to disarm it. On Izel’s ship, Fitz and Simmons realize the whole crew seems to be missing as they’re about to land. They’ve all been turned into zombie-shrike carriers as Izel prepares for landing. Mack has to decide whether to target the landing ship or the truck with the bomb (and three of their own onboard).


Looks like I was sort of right about Izel. Last week I guessed she was the “Maker” but assumed the shrike were her artifacts.

As we see Izel and Sarge come at each other, we’re now left wondering who is telling the truth. Sarge seems to have the right idea in wanting to put a stop to Izel, but the way he goes about his mission and easily killing others is questionable. Even his crew, Pax in particular, easily killed a SHIELD agent with no remorse. At least we’re finally getting some background information on the monoliths and where they originally came from. Maybe Sarge and Izel are both equally bad.

Of course one of the great moments in the episode was Fitz getting jealous of his future self who married Jemma. He said now when they get married, he’ll the other Fitz will always be her first husband.

Speaking of romance, now Deke and Snowflake are an item? He mentioned being heartbroken because Sequoia dumped him. Snowflake mentioned wanting to see his soul “spill out.” I’d be a little concerned with that choice of words. Does this mean Deke is over Daisy?

We are getting more and more answers with each episode, but we still don’t know what the deal is with Sarge or why he shares Coulson’s DNA. Will we find out by the end of this season, or will we be left wondering until Season 7? It was great to see Enoch at the very end, but what role will he play in the coming conflict?

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