Agents Of SHIELD Season 6, Episode 9 “Collision Course (Part II)” Recap And Review

Last week Sarge’s plans were revealed as Izel, along with Fitz and Simmons, made their way towards Earth. Mack was left in a tough spot trying to figure out which of the two he should try to stop.

Warning: There will definitely be spoilers for Season 6, Episode 9 of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, “Collision Course (Part II),” below.

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Sarge Takes Over The Zephyr

After teleporting from his truck to the Zephyr, Sarge meets with Jaco and Pax. In the cockpit, Sarge surprises Mack, and Jaco sets up a forcefield so Yo-Yo can’t speed into the area. Sarge injures one agent and handcuffs Mack. He orders them to fly out of the area since the bomb on the truck is about to go off.

In the back of the truck, Deke tries to disarm the bomb, but it’s beyond his capabilities. They’re about to hit the tower built by the shrikes so Daisy grabs the bomb. As the truck plows through the tower, she uses her quake powers to keep the bomb inside a vibrating bubble to prevent it from exploding during the impact.

Sarge notices the bomb didn’t go off and orders the Zephyr to turn around again. Izel also immediately senses its destruction of the tower. She figures Earth is more hostile than she thought or “he” is already there. She has the ship change it’s course, and Sarge gives yet another order to follow.

Yo-Yo managed to tie up Pax as he searched for her and puts him right up to the forcefield. Jaco turns it off to get him after Yo-Yo zips up behind and pushes his face into the field. Sarge simply shoots Pax and says, “No one slows us down.” At the same time, it appears Yo-Yo gave something to Mack.

An Reunion Over Radio

Fitz and Simmons are able to get the coms working and make contact with the Zephyr. Sarge puts it on speaker because he knows Izel is listening. He tells Izel he destroyed her tower, and she’s next. Izel replies, “You finally remember my name. Come for me, and I’ll help you remember yours.” Izel tells Sarge she doesn’t want to kill him, but he says he wants to kill her. She took his planet and his family and then she robbed him of his memories. At this, she says he never had memories to begin with.

Fitz and Simmons are confused because they recognize Coulson’s voice. When the conversation ends, Izel turns to the two. She noticed their reaction and assumes they must be conspiring with him. Fitz tries to explain that he just sounds like someone they know, but he’s dead. She thinks they’re lying and sends her zombie crew after them as they try to escape.

The Downfall Of Sarge

Jaco is now looking for Yo-Yo, and she manages to get the jump on him. He tries telling her they’re just trying to save her planet. She points out killing innocent people isn’t the way and his family wouldn’t approve.

Sarge is getting restless because they haven’t caught up to Izel’s ship. Mack says he’s going to get his plane back by the end of the day and keeps taunting him. It turned out Yo-Yo gave him a key to the cuffs, and he gets free. They start fighting, and Sarge surprisingly puts up a really good fight against Mack. Jaco finally comes into the cockpit with Yo-Yo and tells Sarge it’s over. Mack knocks him out and says, “Toldja.”

Meanwhile, as the truck continues to get battered by shrikes, it appears there’s no way to stop them. Daisy decides to open the door, and they start swarming inside. She uses her powers to quake them to pieces.

Rescue Mission

Sarge is put in the containment pod as the others plane an extraction mission. He tells Mack they’ll never make it alive, but Mack refuses to leave Fitz and Simmons behind. Sarge insists they let him go with, but Jaco is going instead. Taking a quinjet, they dock with the ship and split up. Mack and Yo-Yo find Fitz and Simmons while Jaco and Davis spot Izel. They’re orders were to not interact with her, but Jaco convinces Davis they can end her now. They try to corner her from both sides, but when they reach the second level, it seems she’s gone.

They all meet up but realize they’re outnumbered by the zombie crew. The quinjet has been compromised by the crew, but Jaco has another way out. They seal themselves in the cargo bay, and Jaco opens up a teleporting door using the inside of his jacket. They end up on top of the truck. As they enter and are reunited with May, Daisy, and Deke, Deke runs up to Fitz, gives him a big hug, and calls him “Bobo.” Fitz has no idea who he is.

Jaco grabs the bomb and tells them to tell Sarge he completed the mission. He opens another door, goes in, and blows up the ship.

Time To Celebrate

Everyone celebrates at the SHIELD headquarters. Daisy comments to Mack about all the new faces. Mack says he didn’t think she’d ever come back. It’s mentioned she’s been gone for the past five years (probably to explain the Thanos Blip in Endgame). Piper tries catching up with Davis, but he appears to pass out. Deke is excited Fitz is with them. Daisy says Snowflake should be locked up since she’s a murderer. Mack talks to Yo-Yo about how he messed things up. He’s not asking for forgiveness, just the chance to earn it. Yo-Yo says they can take it slow and kiss.

May visits Sarge in lock up. He says he knows she’s not much of a talker so “let’s get to it.” May simply pulls out her gun and shoots him four times.


Again, you can feel the quicker pacing in this season as plot threads are getting wrapped up. May shooting Sarge was a surprise, but we have to assume he’ll be able to survive getting shot up close due to some sort of alien biology. Although, if he has Coulson’s DNA, it might not be that easy. They can’t just kill him off without giving us answers to what his deal is.

We also have to assume Izel isn’t dead. It was odd when Davis and Jaco tried surrounding her and she was gone. Watching the scene a second time, Davis did get there first. At the party, he was fine while talking to Piper, then touched his forehead and passed out. If Izel is a demon goddess or whatever, perhaps she has the ability to inhabit other people’s bodies. Also, what did she mean when she said Sarge never had memories to begin with?

I was caught off guard by the mention that Daisy was in space for five years. Perhaps I missed something in the first episode, but I thought it started with Fitz and Enoch’s ship getting destroyed and then it jumped a year forward. It could be that Daisy, Simmons, Piper, and Davis were searching for four years before the ship was destroyed. This would be a convenient explanation for the five year jump from Avengers: Endgame.

Next week is also San Diego Comic-Con. Hopefully we’ll get an announcement that the show will also get yet another season after next season.

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