Agents Of SHIELD Season 6, Episode 10 “Leap” Recap And Review

Last week, it appeared the Agents, and one of Sarge’s crew, were able to take down Izel and put a stop to the destruction of Earth. The celebration may have to be cut short after an agent decided to take extreme action against someone in SHIELD custody.

Warning: There will definitely be spoilers for Season 6, Episode 10 of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, “Leap,” below.

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The Fate Of Sarge

Mack, Yo-Yo, Fitz, and Simmons rush to the holding room where May shot Sarge several times at point blank. She says there’s no need to ask what happened and admits she shot him. May is taken to lock up, and Daisy tries talking to her. Despite all her talk before, she’s silent now.

Yo-Yo and Piper later talk to Daisy. They think it’s odd that May would use a gun against Sarge. She hates guns and wouldn’t use one. Then May starts asking why she’s locked up. She remembers leaving the party, but doesn’t remember shooting Sarge.

Simmons tends to Sarge’s body. Despite being shot four times and losing most of his blood, he seems to be getting stronger. She later tells Daisy they’re moving Sarge’s body to the morgue. When Mack checks on Sarge’s status, the bullet wounds have completely healed. Mack wants to put a guard in the room in case he wakes up, but Simmons says the less who know, the better. When Sarge does wake up, he wants to go after Izel.

Surprise! Izel Isn’t Really Dead

The last thing May remembers is Davis. Daisy and Yo-Yo go to Davis’ room to question him. He feels like he’s really hungover. While they discuss the previous night, Piper, acting very strangely, takes a piece of Shrike crystal and puts it in a glass of water. Deke sees her in the hall and notices what she has. He says it’s dangerous and says he’ll return it to the lab. Izel then shifts out of Piper’s body and into his. She’s been inhabiting people’s bodies.

The main agents talk about Izel possessing people. Mack puts the lighthouse on lock down. They need to figure out if Izel is currently in one of their bodies. They decide they should take turns saying a secret about one of the others, and that person has to confirm the details. Deke is concerned because he says he doesn’t have any secrets because he talks a lot. It turns out Izel is really in Fitz.

Izel continues jumping into different people’s bodies. She says if they give her what she wants, she’ll leave. She jumps into Piper’s body and shoots herself in the hand. She then jumps into Davis’ body and makes him jump off a second story landing. Davis doesn’t survive. She then goes into Mack’s body and tells them not to follow unless they want more casualties.

What does Izel want? It seems there’s a “light” left in the basement that links to the fear dimension. The monoliths dealt with space and time. The third was destroyed, but they figure it could have dealt with creation.

Sarge Confronts Izel

Sarge manages to escape being cuffed in the morgue and knocks out Simmons. He finds Izel as she’s about to enter the sealed room in the basement. A spinning orb of Gravitonium is there and has the power of the three monoliths. Izel knows the monoliths aren’t there but can feel their presence. She tells Sarge he isn’t there to kill her but to join her. Sarge just wants to remember the family he loved and what she took. Izel says again the memories aren’t his.

The memories Sarge has are echoes of the body he took. She always wondered where his form came from. The monoliths created his body (when Coulson used Ghost Rider’s power to seal the dark dimension) and sent it across time and space to her realm. Izel tells him they have to give their gift to the rest of their kind, but he insists he’s going to stop her. Izel tells him the only thing that could stop her is inside him. The information seems to be a lot for Sarge to take in and Izel leaves.

Izel finds the agents outside the room. She jumps into Yo-Yo’s body and realizes what she can do. Mack says he’ll go with her and help her take a plane out of the base. He appears to be surrendering himself, but May comments he’s trusting his team to stop her.

Sarge is back in the holding room as the others watch video footage of the exchange between him and Izel. His hand starts to flicker with power.


RIP Davis. I guess he was doomed from the moment he decided to go after Izel with Jaco. He mentioned before he had a kid so that makes it even more unfortunate.

We now know what Sarge’s story is and why he has Coulson’s DNA. As he was healing, he was getting flickers of a memory standing in front of a woman who turned out to be May. It’s possible he may eventually regain more memories. It may not exactly be Coulson back from the dead, but it’s pretty darn close.

A trailer showing what’s coming up in the final episodes was shown at Comic-Con, and you can see the power Sarge has inside him.

If he does regain more of Coulson’s memories and essence, it could be a great way to keep Clark Gregg on the show and a way to amp up what he can do. He may become a more powerful addition to the team, but he’ll likely have to continue to struggle with the darkness inside him.

Unfortunately it was also made official that next season will be the final one for the show. Agents of SHIELD is Marvel’s longest running TV show, and it’s a shame it has to come to an end. But all good things…

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