SDCC 2019: Carnival Row Experience

There is always so much to do at San Diego Comic-Con. Some of the sights and activities even occur outside the convention center. Amazon Prime Video set up a few “experience” areas for three of their upcoming original shows–Carnival Row, The Boys, and The Expanse.

Carnival Row premieres on August 30 and stars Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevingne. Set in the Victorian era where fantasy/mythological creatures exist, they are feared and despised by humans. With their rights stripped away, they are immigrants after their homelands were invaded by the armies of man. The creatures are “forbidden to live, love, or fly with freedom.”

At the Carnival Row experience, I got to choose to be a human or a creature. I selected creature. When you enter Carnival Row, humans and creatures are separated. With the video below, you can see how creatures are treated compared to the humans. You also get a taste of what the show will be like.

It was a cool experience. I don’t often get to try out things like this during Comic-Con since I’m usually running around the convention floor. The interactive part was fun and being part of the scenario definitely got me even more excited for the show.

Carnival Row will be discussed on the Random Podcast From Heck when the series debuts.

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