SDCC 2019: Art Baltazar And Franco Talk Superman Of Smallville Graphic Novel

Talking to Art Baltazar and Franco is always a blast. Not only do they create amazing comics such as Tiny Titans and Superman Family Adventures, they always crack me up. When doing an interview with them, you never know where it’s going to go. This time, they managed to stick to business…for most of the interview.

Their next book is Superman of Smallville, a 144-page graphic novel suitable for all ages. It’s part of the DC Zoom line of books and gives a new look at 13-year-old Clark Kent.

Here’s what they had to say about it.

You can pre-order the book at your local comic shop. Ask them to order you a copy. Ask your local library to add it to their collection.

Here’s some preview pages.

You can also pre-order it at other places such as Amazon or Barnes and Noble. Pre-order a copy or two. I just ordered two (one for me and one for the classroom).

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