SDCC 2019: Adam Glass And Bernard Chang Talk Lobo’s Daughter And Teen Titans

The current Teen Titans, formed by Damian Wayne, has had its share of problems lately. Things were bad enough when Damian kept prisoners locked up in a secret prison underneath their headquarters and someone let them out. Then things got worse when Lobo came after the team which lead to a confrontation between Crush and her father.

While the dust is still settling over their fight with Lobo, you can bet things won’t be settling down anytime soon. I spoke to Adam Glass and Bernard Chang at Comic-Con about what’s been going on lately, including who the heck is Crush’s mom and what will Batman think of Damian taking justice into his own hands.

Lobo will be back in August’s Teen Titans #33. It’s also a Year of the Villain tie-in so that means even more trouble for the team when Lobo forms an alliance with Lex Luthor. Issue #33 is on sale August 21, 2019.

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