Review: Batman/Superman #1 Kicks Off The Hunt For The Infected

Most comic book fans would place both Batman and Superman at the top of their list of favorite characters. It’s always great having a comic series featuring the two heroes working together. The two have major differences in their origin and how they operate as “heroes,” yet it’s always evident there is a deep level of respect between the two.

This isn’t the first time the two heroes have teamed up in their own series. Despite this, it can be a little tricky to come up with a reason for the two to join forces away from their own turf month after month. Thanks to the Batman Who Laughs, there is a great reason for team up that will be fully explored in this new series.

In The Batman Who Laughs miniseries, an evil scheme was unleashed. The Batman Who Laughs was determined to infect others in order to twist them into their darkest and most evil potential. Batman seemingly defeated him, but apparently not before some individuals were infected. It may not be immediately obvious if someone’s been transformed. That adds tension and paranoia as Batman and Superman have to wonder if the other has been turned into their dark version.

Joshua Williamson shows he has an amazing grasp on the characters. Seeing the subtle complexities and differences in the duo’s personalities is great to read. This is very important as a reader. I don’t want to just see two characters dressed in Batman and Superman’s costume. I want to be able to believe it’s the two characters interacting on the page. Williamson also captures the reluctance of each hero working with someone who has a drastically different approach to fighting crime while also acknowledging the value of the other’s abilities. Their differences and common desire to fight evil make them perfect partners.

The similarities and contrast are further enhanced by David Marquez’s art. Along with Alejandro Sanchez’s colors, the visuals are exactly what the two iconic heroes deserve in a comic. A lot is said simply in the characters’ body language and expressions. It moves them beyond static images on a two-dimensional surface.

In the hunt for the infected, Williamson’s story puts the heroes in some interesting situations. Marquez’s art makes a cool location look even better than you could imagine. There’s a great fluidity when the two move across the page or fight evil robots. We definitely have a lot to look forward to in the coming issues.

Pairing Batman and Superman in a monthly title is a comic fan’s dream. NItpick-y readers may question how the two can operate together when they already have their hands full in their many solo books, but Williamson seamlessly pulls it off. It feels perfectly natural for these two to join forces in their hunt. Even if you’ve had your fill of The Batman Who Laughs, you’ll be intrigued with the possibilities of his character in terms of the story. Along with the gorgeous art and color by David Marquez and Alejandro Sanchez, we have another new ongoing comic to look forward to each and every month.

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