Amazing Art Picks: Batgirl, Ramona Flowers, Joker, And More

The reason you won’t see this art in comics is because artists often draw sketches, warm-ups, and commissions and post them on their Tumblrs, blogs, and Twitter. Some artists even arrange commissions through their sites so be sure to check them out to stay up to date with what they have going on.

Here’s a collection of some of the art I came across this week. Click to enlarge.

Last week I mentioned the site has been rebranded from to Here’s the original art for the new amazing header above by Chris Giarrusso. You can check out the latest from Chris at He also posted recent commissions on his Instagram.

Todd Nauck also posted progress shots of his cover for the upcoming Black Cat Annual (on sale in November) and some Post-It art on his Instagram.

Dustin Nguyen posted new art on his Instagram. He also has other original art available at his Big Cartel store.

Jim Lee posted a Conan sketch (inked by Scott Williams) and a Geralt sketch he drew on his Twitch on his Instagram

Bernard Chang posted new sketches on his Instagram.

There’s a lot of Joker art this week. Tom Raney posted a sketch cover on his Twitter.

Marcus To posted commissions from Fan Expo Canada on his Instagram.

Ryan Ottley posted new Spider-Man art on his Instagram.

Michael Cho also posted Captain America sketch on his Instagram.

Agnes Garbowska posted a Pokemon Leafeon sketch on her Instagram.

Ray-Anthony Height posted a Midnight Tiger sketch on his Instagram.

Dan Parent also posted commissions from Dragoncon on his Instagram.

Skottie Young posted a C-3PO sketch on his Instagram.

Mike McKone also posted commissions from Dragoncon on his Twitter.

Chrissie Zullo posted a Batman/Catwoman jam piece with Chris Uminga and a couple other sketches on her Instagram.

Chris Uminga posted new art on his Instagram.

Reilly Brown posted some commissions and sketches on his Instagram.

Joel Gomez posted new sketches on his Tumblr.

Mike Henderson posted a Dream/Sandman commission on his Instagram.

Daniel HDR also posted a Sandman commission and more on his Instagram.

Cary Nord posted a Wonder Woman sketch on his Instagram.

Ethan Castillo is at Lightbox Expo this weekend and posted new sketches on his Instagram.

Scott McDaniel posted new commissions on his Instagram.

Jim Cheung also posted new art on his Instagram.

Mike Choi posted the painted art for an exclusive Bloodshot cover (available here) on his Instagram.

Chris Samnee posted new art on his Instagram.

That’s it for this week. Let me know what you think of all the art.

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