Review: Bloodshot #1

Bloodshot is a fascinating character in the Valiant Comics stable and is poised to gain even more attention with the upcoming live-action movie. It feels like it wasn’t that long ago the Bloodshot series was relaunched. It turns out that was back in 2012. His character has been pretty active in the 25-issue series along with Bloodshot Reborn as well as his involvement in the Harbinger Wars. Where does that leave Bloodshot in this new series?

Bloodshot #1 cover by Declan Shalvey.

Written by Tim Seeley with art by Brett Booth and Adelso Corona (and colors by Andrew Dalhouse), the first issue does a great job of throwing readers into the story while letting new readers know who Bloodshot is without this being a full blown origin issue. There is a lot going on, and the series isn’t bogged down with a lot of exposition.

The opening pages immediately reveals a shadowy government vibe which then takes us into the heart of an action scene that showcases what Bloodshot is capable of. This is where having Brett Booth on board is fantastic. Booth’s art style always conveys a heap of detailed fluidity and motion. Dalhouse’s colors gives Bloodshot’s exploits and all the explosions a brilliant sheen that makes everything feel incredibly vibrant.

Newer readers might be a little confused at first. It’s not immediately explained how Bloodshot can withstand so much damage or even alter his appearance. This is all nicely explained later within a couple pages. You don’t have to worry about what Bloodshot has been up to recently either. This is great for the new readers but might be a slight disappointment for longtime fans. Since this is the first issue, the story is obviously being set up and there are a lot of directions the series could go from here. The closing events will definitely make you curious to see what will happen next.

Bloodshot is back…again. That’s a great thing. Tim Seeley, Brett Booth, Adelso Corona, and Andrew Dalhouse are not holding back on the action and intrigue. There’s an excellent balance of delivering plenty of havoc and destruction while also giving a clear explanation as to who Bloodshot is for newer readers. The story is set up nicely and you can almost feel all the explosions from the action scenes. Whether you’re new to Bloodshot or have been reading for years, you’ll want to jump on board to see what Seeley, Booth, and the others have planned. This is clearly going to be an exciting and gorgeous book.

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