Unboxing: Spider-Man Bombastic Bag-Man Funko Pop

There is a glorious new Bombastic Bag-Man collectible you can add to your collection. Who is the Bombastic Bag-Man? He’s one of the greatest heroes of our time. Actually, he’s just Spider-Man in a costume made by Johnny “The Human Torch” Storm after Spidey had to ditch his black costume upon discovering it was alive and wanting to permanently bond with him. This was back in The Amazing Spider-Man #258. (You can see some explanation below in the video).

Funko has released a Walgreens-exclusive of Spider-Man in this amazing costume. I have a long history with trying to find the 3 3/4″ Marvel Legends figure that isn’t selling for an insane price. This Funko Pop can now join my small collection of other Bag-Man collectibles.

There are also a couple other Spider-Man Pops at Walgreens. These include Octo-Spidey and Future Foundation Spidey. Both are cool, but I went with getting two Bag-Man Pops. I’m so glad this costume was made and overjoyed I was able to get my hands on it.

From The Amazing Spider-Man #258.

Let me know what you think. I’m tempted to do a “Who The Heck Is The Bombastic Bag-Man?” video, even though I kind of told the whole story here.

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