Review: Chrononauts: Futureshock 1 – 4

Chrononauts by Mark Millar is back. I still remember when I reviewed the first volume by Millar and Sean Murphy back in 2015. I loved it. Millar is continuing the story with Eric Canete on art and Giovanna Niro doing the colors. In keeping with the “complexities” of time travel, all four issues of this volume go on sale October 30, 2019.

Having the entire miniseries released at the same time is a brilliant move. Many enjoy the option of binging their media entertainment these days. While there is something about being kept on the edge of your seat after a well crafted cliffhanger, who can resist the opportunity to immediately pick up on the story? One would assume this could also help prevent sales drop off when people tend to pick up first issues and ease back on the forthcoming ones.

With the first Chrononauts volume, Millar and Murphy gave us a high octane time travel story with insane visuals and situations. Futureshock, with Canete depicting the crazy adventure, immediately picks up the vibe. We’re treated to some stellar scenes as Corbin Quinn and Danny Reilly are still going on time travel missions. This time around, the mission is to try to travel forwards in time, rather than just into the past. The attempt and results are what drives the story.

Whereas you can expect some major time altering shenanigans, the root of the story deals with some heavy ideas. Having the ability to time travel isn’t something to take lightly. The big dilemma is whether or not to tamper with the past in order to try to “improve” the future?

Quinn and Reilly won’t have an easy task ahead of themselves. They’ll have some serious decisions to make. And you can’t have a compelling story without major threats or dark forces at work. This story has plenty of both.

We also see Quinn and Reilly both grow and evolve as characters. In separate situations, both make big decisions that will impact their own futures…unless something dire happens to both and they end up getting killed. Obviously, you’ll have to read the series for yourself to find out.

I’m always a sucker for a good time travel story. That being said, “good time travel stories” are not always easy to come by. There are a lot of layers and intricacies that can easily make or break the end result. Mark Millar has easily overcome this problem yet again. Eric Canete and Giovanna Niro do a fantastic job providing the visuals we expect to see in this sequel. Chrononauts: Futureshock has all the necessary elements that make a captivating and intriguing tale. You can expect plenty of action, suspense, humor, and even some tear-jerking situations in this volume. Don’t miss out on picking up the complete story or you’ll wish you had your own time machine to travel back and fix that mistake. You’ll be thankful all four issues are being released at the same time. Once you start reading Futureshock, you won’t want to stop.

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