Ant-Man Returns To Comics

Last week it was announced that a third Ant-Man movie was being developed. To add to the good news, Marvel has revealed their plans for a new Ant-Man comic as well.

Announced at MCM Comic Con London, Ant-Man is coming back, and he won’t be by himself.

Ant-Man #1 cover by Eduard Petrovich.

Scott Lang will be dealing with his usual run of bad luck while searching for a new adventure. He ends up getting a job that only he can do. This seemingly mundane job working for local beekeepers will soon escalate into a bigger conspiracy that could threaten the entire planet.

Scott will be joined by his daughter Cassie, who is operating under the hero guise of Stinger. The father/daughter team will take on the quest and have run-ins with other Marvel characters.

The creative team will be Zeb Wells and Dylan Burnett. Burnett has recently worked on X-Force and Cosmic Ghost Rider. The first issue goes on sale February 2020.

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